Saturday, May 2, 2009

Decorating with Antique Oriental Rugs

I do believe this is a beautifully created space and recently received this photo in an email from one of my loyal clients. The three rugs you see here were purchased at my gallery a little less than a month ago, so I was thrilled to see all.

The small piece you see hanging on the wall in the back of the photo is the front of an old Persian saddlebag. These are known as bagfaces in the trade. The piece is an old Persian Qashqai and I think her placement on the wall is excellent.

The faux finish wall with the blue hues bring this whole dinning area together and speaks to me of Greece or Italy, reminiscent of days gone by. I think it's just stunning with the old rugs. Another facet of this space is that it remains interesting as one continues to look over all. She has kept the space open, allowing the wood floors to add an elegance while still retaining a very individual quality with her signature look.

The rug you see under the dining table is an old Kurdish rug with deeply saturated colors woven is a bold tribal design with a whimsical quality. This piece was quite dynamic in it's large scale geometric drawing and smartly, she has given it breathing space. The last rug I will comment on, placed right at the entrance to the dining area is an old Ersari Turkoman. It was slightly faded but still smiling. This little charmer was one of my favorites as the wool had a beautiful sheen (antique patina) and the rug was quite charismatic. Notice that each piece is a different size but the overall look of the room is balanced.

Just thought I would share, as this space was created with three antique rugs, all of which were somewhat different from one another. What she has achieved here is harmonious and contemporary, while still retaining an old world charm.

Paradise Oriental Rugs