Thursday, November 1, 2012

Persian Tribal Rug in Contemporary Home!

Both of these photos were forwarded to me recently by a client featuring her new rug purchased at my gallery, Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. 

In the first photo you can clearly see the focal point of this living room is the stunning blue painting on the back wall.  I believe the rug works well in this space as it brings all together yet does not distract from the painting.  The clean lines and fantastic use of color in this home are impressive and demonstrate that not every color in a rug has to match exactly in order to be successfully placed.  This rug has a detailed tribal design but when seen as a whole does not appear to be busy or overwhelming in any way.

It is always very enjoyable for me to see photos of the rugs I sell in their new locations, so please do not hesitate to share when the mood strikes you.  For comments or suggestions you can always email me at:  Penny