Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Rugs in this week from Iran. Here's a peek!

Keeping it interesting over here. Love getting new rugs in, particularly when they are this inspirational.

Have a look. To see more, come by my shop or take a look at my gallery pages.
This runner is one of my favorites. I believe it's about 12 feet long and the wool is as luscious as the design layout and the colors. In the window of my shop as I type!

Also, this beauty. Simple, very finely woven Gabbeh in a wonderful, almost teal green with blue undertones. Not easy photographing simple designs but did my best. Green rugs are often unavailable, as the wool is first dyed yellow and then over-dyed with blue. It is not always a successful process, but when it's right, it's magical. Always pushing my many resources for green rugs, simple or tribal and when I am fortunate enough to acquire a few choice pieces, they are usually, very well received. Enjoy.

Last but not least, have a look at this rug. I was mesmerized. I will let the rug speak for itself. Size is 4 x 10. A long wide runner. In the trade, this size is referred to as a gallery size carpet.