Friday, September 11, 2009

Many new rugs in this week!

Hard to leave the store but I did it and have returned with many new and interesting hand woven pieces.
Of potential interest to the tribal rug guys...Quchan Kilims, mostly mid 20th Century, each of which I found unique and beautiful. Quchan, is in NE Iran, close to Turkmenistan and the these kilims are woven by Kurdish weavers. They are colorful and each piece is a bit different. Quite durable also. The work and artistry in these flatweaves comes out loud and clear with up to three different weaving techniques employed in each piece! Sizes are very tribal; 5 x 10, 6 x 11, but for those that love flatweaves and kilims, worth taking a look at. Mixed into all the galleries.

Also in recently are some very fine quality (tightly woven) antique design rugs from Ariana Rugs, Inc. in unusual European and old Agra (India) designs. These are high end pieces and truly look like antique rugs!

Additionally, many new runners, up to 15 feet with varied looks and styles.
Many smaller rugs in also, some of which will be quite affordable but too many to photo and get up on the site in one day. I will be adding these to my site as quickly as I can. As I add rugs to each gallery, the new rugs, will always be at the bottom of the gallery.
Just the way the gallery program works.

If any questions, I am always available. Contact info in on my site, including my direct line.
Hope you enjoy, a few of my new pieces are featured above!