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Looking for Information on Oriental Rugs? Tribal rugs? Persian Rugs?

What is the difference between an Oriental rug and a Persian rug?
What is the difference between a city rug and a tribal rug?
What is a workshop rug?

All answered here: How to Buy an Oriental Rug by Penny Krieger

What do tribal rugs look like?
Like this: Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc., GALLERY PAGES

What makes an Oriental rug valuable? May I offer an earlier blog post I did which some have found useful. Right here.

How can one tell if a rug is woven with vegetable dyes?
Great article by Steven Price on this exact subject. 

Define: Gabbeh Rug
Here is my article on Gabbeh rugs: What is a Gabbeh? 

What are some of the basic rug definitions?
I have tried to keep this small rug dictionary as simple as possible:
Understandable Oriental Rug Dictionary 

What are the basics in decorating with Oriental rugs?
This article, I wrote a number of years ago has been well received:
How to Decorate with Oriental Rugs

If I missed anything, here is my articles page with additional information on Oriental rugs.

The reason I am providing all these links is we recently did a site rebuild and moved to a new host and for a few days, I was lost in space (or at least my web site was). Great pun here as my name is Penny! So, all are here for easy reference.

Here is my new home page: Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. 

Here is my new testimonials page with many gorgeous tribal rugs depicted.

Here are the gallery pages of my site with many rugs available at my shop. 

And if you are a genuine dyed in the wool RUG ADDICT I do have an article for you.
For a bit of levity please have a look at: How to Deal with an Oriental Rug Addiction, by Penny Krieger

Hopefully you found some information you were seeking. We are always available for questions and believe it or not, my cell number in on the outgoing message at my shop when we are not open. Suffice it to say, I love my work and I really love rugs. No kidding:)

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