Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If You're Interested in Gabbehs...just did a rewrite on my article, " What is a Gabbeh?"

When I started in this business there was an embargo on Persian rugs and what was available to sell as a merchant, was much more limited than what is now available. The wonderful, colorful Gabbehs are just one of the numerous rug types that were no where to be found here in the US a decade ago.

With the renaissance in the use of vegetable dyes and the resurgence of creativity in designs such as antique and modern, I personally think that the choices available to anyone seeking a rug to own are better than they have ever been.

There are Persian Gabbehs, Indo-Gabbeh and tufted Gabbehs (which are not Gabbehs at all!) Tufted rugs are not hand woven, if there is any question about that but actually held together with glue. A different animal for sure and never to be put in the same category as a hand knotted or handmade Oriental rug.

If you're interested in Gabbeh rugs, you might want to take a peek at, "What is a Gabbeh?"