Friday, February 8, 2013

Vintage Turkoman Rugs.

I recently purchased two very nice older Turkoman pieces that will be arriving at my gallery soon. One is out for a bath and the other is visiting me at home for a few days before I bring it in! Don't be too shocked as many of the amazing rugs I have offered in the last few years have been my houseguests for at least a couple days.  You see, I really do love this woven art form!  OK, so before I sent the 7 x 10 out for a wash I took a few photos, so here you are.

This design is actually on the cover of a book I have on Turkoman rugs and in the 20 plus years I have only seen two of these.  The dyes look good (plant based) and as any genuine tribal rug of this type the foundation is wool.  It has a 1 & 1/2 inch kilim skirt (flat weave) at the top and the bottom and some lovely dark green accents throughout the body of the rug. There are two distinctive reds in this piece, one is a rich darker wine red, the other a softer medium red. If you are looking for a vintage Turkoman rug, this is a lovely piece.  It will be up on my site the moment I have it back and will do my best to get accurate photos.  
Vintage Turkoman Carpet, Circa: 1950's, 7' x 10'