Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My beautiful German Shepherd, Dante!


If you're here in California, hope you enjoyed the hot weather today. Gorgeous day and with the heat, thought it might be a bit slow at the shop...which it was. A few visitors but not busy, as expected. Brought my dog, Dante down to work and he did well. Particularly enjoyed the air conditioning and we had some fun taking pictures.
Just for anyone out there that is concerned, my dog is very clean, no fleas and all rugs were vacuumed properly after the photo shoot.

If you love German Shepherds and also pretty Oriental rugs, this is a true test of the durability of the rugs I sell, as all are new, and still in perfect condition. His reward for posing perfectly for our "photo op" was a little go round with the ball. Since at least 90%of the clients that buy rugs from me have pets, just thought some of you might enjoy these photos. My boy Dante, is housebroken withing an inch of his life and loves people, so he did enjoy his little visit to the shop today!

My dog is what is called a "sable" German Shepherd. His mom was born in the Chez Republic and his dad had a similar heritage. He is a purebred German Shepherd Dog, bred for three traits. Loyalty, tracking and protection. He is very, very smart, incredibly attentive and loyal and has a prey drive to end all. In German Shepherd lingo, that means if it moves he will chase it. This is quite an asset when training this type of dog as it is a truly motivating force. He is a superb ball player and quite the jumper, although he always has the corner of his eye on me! Obviously, I think very highly of my companion dog, but just thought I'd share. He is 2 years and 4 months old, weighs just under 80 lbs and has many doggy friends at the dog park here in Sebastopol.

Back to the rug universe...my recent sale is now over but still have some rugs I am making deals on, particularly the rugs from Turkey. They are on my site so take a look, if a Turkish rug calls out to you give me a call. Questions are always welcome and hope you enjoy these photos.

Although, this is a little blurry, it is my favorite!

And last but not least.