Saturday, June 22, 2013

About Gabbeh Rugs. New Video of Available Rugs.

I just did a brief video today with many of the Gabbeh rugs available at my shop.
Video of Gabbeh rugs. 

From my definitions page:
Gabbeh definition. 

Here is the movie "Gabbeh" on You Tube!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Makes an Oriental Rug Valuable? by Penny Krieger, owner of Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.

I was reviewing a few of my former posts on this blog and decided to offer the links here for easy access.  Obviously some posts have been more popular than others so I am saving you the trouble of sifting thru all, if you are so inclined.  Additionally, there are a number of Oriental rug articles on my site for those that are seeking some basic information.  This is the articles page.  Warning:  This art form can be addicting!  

Here you go:  What Makes an Oriental Rug Valuable?

Another often read post is about the 2010 Persian Rug Embargo which is still in effect.  The good news on that subject is a couple very smart wholesalers, one in particular that I adore, had the forsight of risking much to bring into the US as many Persian rugs as possibly, prior to the embargo going into effect.  These have been offered to me and a few other retailers on a step by step basis for the last couple of years.  I consider myself forturnate as I still have a number of superlative and special Persian rugs from Southern Iran and the Bijar area as I type.  I belive we are in June of 2013!  Here are the links.

About the Rug Embargo:

Here are a couple more articles from my blog.
How to Wash Your Oriental Rug.

Buying Rugs in Afghanistan  

Apparently these have been the most popular but if I missed a couple, I will throw them up here soon.
Hope you find someting of value.

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