Saturday, March 26, 2016

Before and After of My Garden!

What does the undercover rug lover do when she's not selling rugs? Getting as close to nature as possible. I decided to share my garden in the front yard of my house today. I bought my current home in Santa Rosa, California, a little over 4 years ago and it needed much. Step by step I have been moving forward working out the plants and flowers on a continuing basis. These first 10 photos of the yard are from last June when all the flowers were in bloom but the video was taken this morning.

As you will see in the video, many of the flowers have not yet blossomed but things are showing signs of life. This is a wonderful time of year as I really enjoy watching plants become green again and spending time out in the fresh air with my lovely dog Prince.

Yes, he is a rescue. He is six, in excellent health and one happy, sweet dog. He arrived in my life 4 years ago and I adore him! The good news is I have a large back yard with a very high fence and extremely durable Oriental rugs all over my floors. Hint, hint! Just having some fun....

If you scroll down to the bottom of this post there are three pictures of my front yard at the beginning of 2012 when I first purchased this house.

If you watch the video, listen to all the birds singing. Many of them find refuge in the huge oak tree right next door. Such lovely sounds to be greeted with each morning!  
Video of my garden coming to life at the start of Spring!

As you can see I really enjoy color!

 These photos were taken this morning. Their flowers will be here soon.
                                      This must be the world's smallest flower.

This is exactly what my yard looked like when I started.

 This is the area outside of my front yard on the left side of my driveway that is now is filled with ferns.
And now...

 One side of my front porch.
 By my driveway.

Hope you enjoyed my photos.

The Under Cover Rug Lover

Friday, March 11, 2016

More New Rugs in...Afghan Rugs in Persian Tribal Designs.

I'll keep it simple. Here is a short video of some of my newest aquisitions all from Afghanistan.
Video of Afghan rugs in Persian tribal designs.
Here's a clue: ) The first three photos here are of a small piece in a Qashqai design.

This last rug is a Kurdish design with Cypress trees, Weeping Willows and the Tree of Life.

If you would like to see more of my rugs, here is  my gallery.
Oriental Rug Gallery