Saturday, December 27, 2014

We're Talking Bijars!

Not all Bijar are the same, this we know. As we have now passed the 4th year of the current Persian rug embargo ( Sept. 29, 2010, beginning date) there are very few of the best quality, newly woven tribal rugs from Iran available. One of my very esteemed suppliers brought in a number of amazing pieces, actually a container full, to the US right before the embargo went into effect and has made these available on a step by step basis for the last couple of years.

Vegetable dyes, hand-spun wool, antique designs, new rugs. These, I believe are the most valuable rugs being offered in the current market. Just my opinion but I have a few and after a number of years, they are showing no wear and look like the day I purchased them.

Recently I was able to purchase a few more for my gallery and they are all gorgeous! Have a look-see. All are currently available. Each piece was woven in the small towns surrounding Bijar by skilled Kurdish weavers. Beautiful colors, articulate drawings, tightly woven, heavy body and virtually indestructible. These plant based dyes are very unlikely to fade.

So, here we go.  All of these are in the 8 x 10, 8 x 11 size. Antique designs, based on
traditional Persian motifs.  This first piece is a tribal rendition of the Shah Abbas design.

                                       8 x 11 Bijar Carpet, new rug, antique Shah Abbas design. 

                                Classic Garrus design.
                                 Close-up view.

                                Another rendition of the Shah Abbas design with an unusually
                                wide border and it works.

To see more rugs, please take a look at my website! We are in Northern CA but ship all over the US. All rugs are shipped on an "approval" basis. Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc., Sebastopol, CA
Prices on request. See my contact page.  

Happy New Year!
The UnderCoverRugLover