Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tree of Life Oriental Rugs in Living Color

Just did a new video of some of the Tree of Life rugs at my gallery. All of the pieces in the video are currently available. Tree of Life Oriental Rug Video 

Here are a few I have recently sold:

Here is my site, if you would like to see more: Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

German Sherpherd Dog Report!

What does a rug dealer do when not selling rugs? Well, I cannot speak for anyone else but I enjoy cooking, swimming, visiting with friends, working in my garden, reading, watching a good movie and my beautiful dogs, first and foremost.

This is Prince.

He a rescue from the local pound and has graced my life for the last 4 plus years. He's a big boy and excellent companion dog and full of love. He lights up my life BUT he is a dog-loving dog and so I decided the time had come to find him a friend to join us in our home life. It was quite the search but here is the result.

This is our new family member taking a nap. His name is Draco which means dragon in Latin. After one month he now has free reign of my home, is not chewing on my personal rug collection, totally housebroken, has learned to walk on a leash and is an A plus student. Adorable personality and both Prince and I are smitten!

Sorry if you noticed the old Turkoman rug they are sitting on needs a vacuum, I am busy with the puppy, the shop, the website, my kitchen and life. Just wanted to share.