Monday, January 30, 2017

Oriental Rugs in an 1908 Craftsman Home!

I had some fun today visiting a client's home with my camera. This house is over 100 years old with the original door knobs, refinished floors and some lovely woodwork in the interior. There are 9 rugs here purchased from my gallery in Sebastopol, Paradise Oriental Rugs.

Hopefully, you will find some inspiration for your decorating projects or just enjoy looking.

These first two photos are of the living room. The rug below is an 8 x 10 Heriz from Afghanistan. This is a new rug in an antique Persian design as many of the rugs included here are.

You can see one of a pair of stained glass windows above the fireplace (top left of the photo) and the detailed built-in cabinets on the right and left of the fireplace from this first photo.
 Here you can see a glimpse of the baby grand piano on the right.

This is an upstairs walk-through hallway. This rug is a finely woven Qashqai design from Afghanistan which fits perfectly in this space.

This bedroom features a beautiful handmade quilt with many shades of light green. To accent this, the client chose green Gabbeh rugs for each side of the bed. Original paintings grace the walls as well as beautifully hand crafted furniture. On the right is a landscape design Gabbeh.

 On the left another Gabbeh with small trees. 

 Here we have a 6 x 8 lovely Tree of Life rug from Afghanistan. The antique Mahogany poster bed works perfectly with this traditional and detailed antique rug design.

The kitchen in this home has been beautifully remodeled. Here is a peek.

Also, there are Turkoman rugs in the entryway and downstairs hallway seen from this landing.

And last but not least, here is the dining room. This table, sitting on top of a 9 x 12 Afghan Heriz rug, can be expanded for family visits. 

Hope you enjoyed.