Friday, April 2, 2010

Very interesting month in the rug business.

It's been almost 5 years now since I put up the first page of my web site and as anyone knows that has a site, it is always a work in progress. I spent the good part of a year reading everything I could find on search engine optimization (known as SEO) which deals mostly with how to get the search engines to recognize one's site and bring it up when someone is looking for information or products similar to what is being offered. Google is the king of the mountain with Yahoo trailing closely behind.

When I started selling rugs a number of years back, I truly never thought anyone would by a rug online. At that time, I didn't have a computer, nor a clue of how things would change.

In the last couple of months, here are a few of the locations where rugs from my shop have found new homes! Apparently, with these buyers there was either no local rugs store or the shops in their area did not have the types of rugs they were looking for. Alaska, Iowa, Tallahassee, Seattle, NYC and yesterday, Boston. I will say, this really helps so I will continue to make improvements to my site, when time permits.

I really enjoy the communication and meeting different people, even if only in phone conversations and it's always facinating to me, how each individual is attracted to different colors and designs.

I still have many rugs that are looking for homes, so don't hesitate to give me a call with your questions!

Here are a few more of the many exquisite pieces currently at my shop!

If you're in the Bay Area, my gallery is in Sebastopol, CA, an hour north of the city. Not every rug is on my site, so if you have a question, call me! Love to show rugs and of course, I'll never sell you a rug, unless you absolutely love it! Hope to see you soon.

Penny Krieger, owner
Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.
137 No. Main St.
Sebastopol, CA

New Jeweler in Sebastopol! My new neighbor!

Well, well...what's happening in Sebastopol?
Out with old, in with the new.
David Allen Designs
It was a sad story...when I first moved in to my Sebastopol location, almost 4 years ago. On day three, I realized that my neighbor, the local jeweler, was not the nicest person to have as a neighbor. Within a period of two weeks, I asked this individual to please, never speak to me again. Being a friendly person, this was highly unusual but required for my sanity.

Three years passed and I had no further problems with this socially challenged, negative person. Six months ago I got the good news from my landlord that my neighbor's lease would be expiring at some point in the not to distant future. I looked forward to this time.

Fast forward to November, 2009. He left and the new tenant, also a jeweler, arrived to take possession of the location and start his renovations. His former location was in the town of Guerneville and I had actually heard about this jeweler a few times. Word on the street was that he did beautiful work and was a sweet person. A winning combination in my book!

Well, we met...and it was a great day! What a lovely guy and he was renovating the space from the ground up. It took a while but the outcome was worth it. Gorgeous storefront filled with unique and aesthetically dynamic pieces!
I now have a wonderful neighbor AND he creates beautiful jewelry!
He makes the majority of his pieces himself and I am thrilled to have this artist on my street, and right next door to my Oriental Rug Gallery.

I took a few photos yesterday and posted one above. If you're a jewelry hound it would be worth your time to come by and have a look-see. His name is David Allen, his business name is David Allen Designs.

Yes, I am a rug dealer, but I like to promote and support local businesses and ethical business owners that are doing what they do because that is what they were born to do!

His shop is at:
David Allen Designs
139 North Main St. in downtown
Sebastopol, CA

Right next door to mine, which is of course, Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.