Friday, June 20, 2014

New Oriental Rug Article! What I Have Learned About Oriental Rugs.

Here is a quick preview.

In 1990, I knew virtually nothing about Oriental rugs. Fast forward to 2014, I have been a retailer with a gallery for over 15 years. I started late but dove into this business with much enthusiasm. I own more books on Oriental rugs than anyone I have ever met and will continue to expand my library on the subject at every available opportunity.  Do I read them all cover to cover? No. I look up exactly what I need to know and move on. To read more, here is the rest of the article on what to look for when purchasing and Oriental rug. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Where to Buy Oriental Rugs! An Insider's View

Where shall I start? For those with some knowledge, much enthusiasm and interest in adding to your rug collection I have put together a small list of potential venues for finding a nice handmade rug at an affordable price. For the highly educated rug collectors, you already know all these possible resources. My first recommendation is to purchase a rug from a reputable Oriental rug store. With that being said, here are some additional opportunities for a potential purchase if luck finds you.

I will start by stating that ninety-eight percent of the rugs at my gallery have been purchased from wholesalers I have been doing business with for years. This leaves the two percent.  OK, here we go.

I have always said, you can buy a rug anywhere.  Possibly you're at a friends house for dinner and they mention that they are moving to a smaller home and have a number of rugs for sale. You inquire and find out that these particular pieces are being offered at very affordable prices and there is one that really talks to you. This is a great opportunity so take advantage of it.

As my title in this article promised, where does one look for a good deal on a hand woven rug?
This is where the dealers look, when they have the time.

Flea markets
Antique stores
Second hand stores
Consignment furniture stores
Newspaper ads
Online advertising, such as Craigslist
Local Hospice thrift shops
Word of mouth.
Storage facilities, where rugs are indicated in the promotion of the sale.

When you are looking for a very specific rug I recommend Google Images.

I did another blog post on what makes a rug valuable and also give more details on my FAQS page. Keep in mind an antique rug should be close to 100 years old. Age, condition and rarity all affect value.

Since the inception of the Dobag project  in Turkey, beautiful new rugs in old designs have been produced using good dyes (vegetable dyes) and hand-spun wool in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Romania, and other countries for the last 15 years.  As Emmett Eiland so succinctly stated in his book "Oriental Rugs Today" there is currently a renaissance in the production of new rugs being created with time honored techniques, dyes and wool.

If you are interested in a beautiful new handmade rug woven with vegetable dyes and great quality wool have a look at my gallery as this is what I sell. If you are not quite there yet, hopefully the information in this article will be of assistance.

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