Friday, October 28, 2011

More Oriental rug videos from Paradise Oriental Rugs in Sebastopol, CA!

Just received two beautiful tribal rugs in yesterday and uploaded the video to my You Tube channel.  Both rugs are from the Khamseh area in Iran and one is quite large for a tribal rug.  Jewel tones abound and the small runner is pretty enchanting with classic tribal designs throughout!  Have a look. Link to video right here!
Gorgeous tribal rug and runner!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great Article About Sebastopol, CA in the Sunday, NY Times!

Traveling to the Bay Area or Sonoma County? Just in case you missed it, there was a great article in Sunday's NY Times about the town of Sebastopol, right here in Sonoma County!  Have a look!

Paradise Oriental Rugs, Sebastopol, CA.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Paradise Oriental Rugs, New Testimonial!

I relieved a nice testimonial recently from a client I started working with over 2 years ago.  It is being put on my testimonial page as I type.  Here are a few of the rugs they have purchased from my gallery in their new home.  

As you can see, they have successfully combined numerous tribal rugs with their extensive collection of antiques and traditional furnishings, while keeping the space open and light and still being able to enjoy the gorgeous tile and hardwood floors throughout the house.  The last few photos are a peek at the wonderful grounds which are as enchanting as this castle like home which they built from the ground up!

Lovely people, fantastic home, great fun!    

This first photo is of an upstairs study.  The larger rug under the sofa and desk is a finely woven Persian Tabriz, the smaller piece a new vegetable dyed tribal rug with a classic pendant medallion design.  To see all the details described in each photo below, click to enlarge! 

The stripped rug you see below greets you at the first floor entryway.  This design was taken from the style of old Turkish Shawls.  The trade name for this is Shaal, woven in Afghanistan.  My wholesaler is currently sold out of these so this piece was the only one of this type I ever had at my shop to offer for sale.  Gorgeous harmonious colors, great design and sturdy to boot!  

This is the upstairs master bathroom.  Note the view!  The small rug here is a Turkoman rug, woven in Afghanistan, approximately 3 x 6.

     Below is a Yomut Turkoman rug in front of this bedroom fireplace. 

The gallery size runner below is a semi-antique from North west Iran.  The actual design is called the Memlin Gul as the 15th Century artist, Hans Memling painted rugs with this design element frequently.   
(more detailed info on this design motif:
The runner does not take over the space and works well with the Chinese medicine cabinet and various art pieces.  (note) If you click on this photo you will see all that I am describing.    

View of the home, coming down the driveway.  Located in a luscious forest in Sonoma County.  

    Close up on the koi pond, complemented by volcanic rock "pavers" as stepping stones!

    Serene garden area just outside the front door, replete with Asian statuary.

One of the many fantastic views from the second floor. 

Hope you enjoyed! To see more rugs:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Antique Rug and Textile Show, San Francisco, October 20-23, 2011

If you love antique rugs and textiles, this should be a great show! Just got my invitation and will be going, for sure! Antique rug shows are a great opportunity to learn and expand one's knowledge and understanding of the true art of weaving. Link to the show in blue!   

I will not be showing rugs at this show, but just going as dedicated admirer of all things woven.
Below is an antique torba from my gallery, Paradise Oriental Rugs, in Sebastopol, CA.
Antique Balouch torba.  Torba is a storage bag used by nomadic weavers.