Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Rugs in today and more on the way!

These rugs arrived yesterday! Not sure which one is more beautiful. The first rug is a finely woven piece from Yayla. Size is 4'10" x 6'7. Design is Sultanabad. The blue-green in this rug, really adds a special depth. The colors in the tulip border are deeply saturated. There is an unusual burgundy accent color, throughout rug that works surprisingly well! I found it hard to stop looking at this one which is always a good sign.

The large navy Herez, above, looks even more beautiful in person.

This last one is very interesting as it was woven in Afghanistan but really has some of the qualities that until now, I have only seen in the best Persian Gabbehs! It is tightly woven, has a heavy body, the colors are perfectly chosen and the rug sparkles! The name of this is Aryana Shaal. It measures 6'4" x 6'6". The wool on this rug is of excellent quality and spun by hand.

More rugs coming in keep your eyes on my site!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Princess in Paradise!

Had a gal in my shop on the weekend and her daughter was dressed in holiday cheer.
She snuggled up and created a little play house with a few small rugs and I just had to capture it with my camera.
Aptly named, "Princess in Paradise".