Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy New Year!

My gallery will be closed from January 1st through January 10, 2014.
We will reopen Saturday, January 11, 2014.  
My best wishes to ALL for a positive, prosperous and enlightening new year!

Penny Krieger, owner

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Great New Consignment Furniture Shop in Sebastopol!

I love antiques and old cherished items from days gone by so I was quite pleased when I recently discovered this little gem just a few blocks from my retail Oriental Rug Gallery.

It's a consignment furniture store and there are some finds to be had. If you are in the area, you may want to check it out. I only met one of the owners and she was very sweet but both of them appear to have a flair for decorating. I liked the way they have created the space, placing unique and unrelated pieces into a harmonious whole. The shop is called Attico.  There are numerous businesses that have opened recently in Sebastopol but this one is my favorite.  I should probably just keep it to myself but that is not my nature. The "hunt" is always great fun.  Here is their site. Enjoy!


Monday, November 18, 2013

New book out on Oriental rugs.  Here's the link.  I bought one and it should be arriving this week.
Written by Peter F. Stone, a respected expert on Oriental rugs, this book will include valuable information for the collector, dealer or anyone with an interest in learning more about rugs. Apparently it will have over 1000 photographs and illustrations with concise definitions that are used internationally in the rug trade.   I have two of his other books and refer to both when needed. Love his Oriental Lexicon! 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

In the Halloween Spirit Today! The Undercoverruglover was Undercover!

Notice the rugs in the background!  Here to serve you, even if undercover!  Many beautiful rugs in stock now.  Taking some time off after the third week in December so if you are thinking about a rug purchase, come and see me or give a call soon!  Hope you all enjoyed Halloween.  I did.  Even ate a piece of pumpkin cake which is pretty shocking.  Usually its salads, vegetables and all things nutritious.  Good news is I lived.   I liked having purple hair.  A new look of sorts.  :)

Rug Galleries! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Paradise Oriental Rugs, on the WOLF Radio.

I have run numerous radio ads over the years and just recently completed this one.  Just thought I would share.   Here's the link to hear it online.

It has been running on the WOLF here in Sonoma County and we will be back on the air in a few days.    It's a great new station if you have not already heard it and you can listen online.  102.7 FM
 The Wolf Radio. Check it out!

I mention in my ad that we do sell our rugs "on an approval" basis and that is also true for any rugs we ship out of state.  If you have not yet had a look at my web site, all my inventory is there.  Hope to hear from you!  Penny Krieger

Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Symbols and Colors used in Persian Rugs.

This is a great article on symbols and their meanings used in Persian rugs by Reza T. Ahmadi.  He also goes into detail about the significance of the colors.  Quite fascinating.  I did not know that the peacock represented divine protection or that the often used Cypress tree symbolizes life after death.  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thinking About Buying a Beautiful Oriental Rug? Well, have a look!

May I tempt you?  We currently have some beautiful Bijars and other Persian tribal rugs in stock.  Also many pretty pieces from Afghanistan, all woven with good dyes and excellent wool.  If you're looking for information about Oriental Rugs, have a look at my articles page and rug definitions.

Here are a couple of my favorites that are available.  There are many more.  Give us a call if you have any questions.  707-823-3355

It's a beautiful day in California and after 3 hours in the garden, I am feeling pretty blessed. Thanks for checking in!   Penny (guess I'm not so undercover these days!)

Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.   707-823-3355
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Video of Afghan Rugs!

Just finished this video a couple hours ago so if you're interested in Afghan rugs, have a look.  It's a little over 2 minutes detailing a number of different design types, all woven recently in Afghanistan.
Video of Afghan Rugs. 

A few of the designs featured are Kazak, Agra (India), Heriz (Persian), Serab (Persian), Samarkand (East Turkestan) and one old Turkoman design which I actually missed on the close up.  You can see that piece in the last 20 seconds of the video.

Hope you enjoy!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Questions and Answers About Buying Oriental Rugs Online

I just finished updating my FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on my site and if you are considering a online purchase of an Oriental rug, a few of my answers might bring some insight.
I also have another article on the subject of purchasing rugs online which you can read here.

You know, it's funny, since I have continued to add content to my site in the last few years I have received phone calls from many parts of the world.  I have never shipped a rug out of the US and I would love to.  I did have a very interested person in Switzerland contact me and she actually was quite serious but when she found out what the duty fees amounted to she would have to pay on the arrival of a purchase, all bets were off.  I always recommend any potential purchase be made on "an approval" basis.  This is detailed above if you follow the links.

I do not know of another dealer in my business that makes made to order videos for a would be client.
I have done many and it really helps clarify what the rug in question looks like.  I believe I now have almost 75 videos on You Tube.  Mind you, these are not Hollywood productions, just two or three minutes in length with the rug or rugs of interest shown from all angles with details. Here's a link to my You Tube Channel, if you are so inclined to view one or two.

And since I am the undercoverruglover, I will not sign this post but if I have your attention and you'd like to take a peek at my site, here you are.  

Saturday, June 22, 2013

About Gabbeh Rugs. New Video of Available Rugs.

I just did a brief video today with many of the Gabbeh rugs available at my shop.
Video of Gabbeh rugs. 

From my definitions page:
Gabbeh definition. 

Here is the movie "Gabbeh" on You Tube!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Makes an Oriental Rug Valuable? by Penny Krieger, owner of Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.

I was reviewing a few of my former posts on this blog and decided to offer the links here for easy access.  Obviously some posts have been more popular than others so I am saving you the trouble of sifting thru all, if you are so inclined.  Additionally, there are a number of Oriental rug articles on my site for those that are seeking some basic information.  This is the articles page.  Warning:  This art form can be addicting!  

Here you go:  What Makes an Oriental Rug Valuable?

Another often read post is about the 2010 Persian Rug Embargo which is still in effect.  The good news on that subject is a couple very smart wholesalers, one in particular that I adore, had the forsight of risking much to bring into the US as many Persian rugs as possibly, prior to the embargo going into effect.  These have been offered to me and a few other retailers on a step by step basis for the last couple of years.  I consider myself forturnate as I still have a number of superlative and special Persian rugs from Southern Iran and the Bijar area as I type.  I belive we are in June of 2013!  Here are the links.

About the Rug Embargo:

Here are a couple more articles from my blog.
How to Wash Your Oriental Rug.

Buying Rugs in Afghanistan  

Apparently these have been the most popular but if I missed a couple, I will throw them up here soon.
Hope you find someting of value.

Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.
Oriental Rug Galleries!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

No Plants on Your Oriental Rugs Please!

I recently was forwarded a few photos of my clients home and was highly distressed to see a plant placed on a very special rug she purchased from my gallery.  I immediately sent her the relevent information that this could damage her rug.

What occurs is moisture collects under the plant.  Seeping down slowly into the very stucture of the rug.  If the rug stays moist the process of deterioration can begin and move forward quickly. Here is more info: Water damage on rugs!

There are some additional advices in this article about placing rugs on potentially moist cement floors.  Hopefully this will be of some use.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Recent Discovery! Beautiful Amish Furniture!

This morning I spent over 45 minutes on this wonderful web site reading about handmade Amish furniture.  I was introduced to this site by one of my clients. She casually mentioned it and my interest got the best of me.

After reading all about the craftsmanship involved and the quality of this furniture, I felt this was a great match for people that like Oriental rugs or even tribal rugs in particular.  Many of the pieces have simple lines and a timeless look.  Another aspect of the products offered that I really liked were the various finishes available and the interior decorating advises.  Always learning, that's for sure.  Have a look!
 Amish Furniture Factory

Thursday, April 25, 2013

8 x 11 Persian Bijar, Garrus Design in Living Color!

Better late than never.  This rug was supposed to arrived Tuesday.  It came today.  Have a look.
It is nothing less than fantastic!

Video of My New Room Sized Bijar!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beautiful Bijar Rug on the Way to Paradise!

This wonderful rug has been hiding in a warehouse in New Jersey for the last two years.  Brought in prior to the Persian Rug Embargo, my fantatic wholesaler has been revealing these pieces to me one by one!  This piece is 8' 8" x 11' 4" so that puts it somewhere between an 8 x 10 and a 9 x 12.  This is the classic Garrus design that one can see in antique Bijars.  This rug is new and was woven in the Bijar area.  Dyes of course are vegetable or plant based, wool is hand spun Persian wool and of excellent quality.  The rug will be arriving next Tuesday at which time I will do a short video and post it on my You Tube channel.   Here are a couple of photos of this lovely piece.  Enjoy!

To see more unique and beautiful rugs, have a look at my gallery pages:  Thanks for checking in.

Friday, April 5, 2013

World Class Bijar Still Available! Cypress and Willow Design with Tree of Life.

I studied this rug in depth yesterday and it only became more beautiful the longer I looked.  Noticing the many nuances of it's detailed drawing I did find the intentional mistake.  In fact, I found two.  My hint is that the rug is not exactly the same from left to right, nor top to bottom yet perfectly balanced in color and design.  That takes skill.  To find the intentional mistakes, you may have to come and see this wonderful work of art in person.  You are invited!    

This piece is 10'3 x 13'9".

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Few New Beautiful Persian Rugs Added to my Collection and a Video!

Recently acquired and available for sale now.  Have a look at the quick video I made today.  Some lovely pieces!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Vintage Turkoman Rugs.

I recently purchased two very nice older Turkoman pieces that will be arriving at my gallery soon. One is out for a bath and the other is visiting me at home for a few days before I bring it in! Don't be too shocked as many of the amazing rugs I have offered in the last few years have been my houseguests for at least a couple days.  You see, I really do love this woven art form!  OK, so before I sent the 7 x 10 out for a wash I took a few photos, so here you are.

This design is actually on the cover of a book I have on Turkoman rugs and in the 20 plus years I have only seen two of these.  The dyes look good (plant based) and as any genuine tribal rug of this type the foundation is wool.  It has a 1 & 1/2 inch kilim skirt (flat weave) at the top and the bottom and some lovely dark green accents throughout the body of the rug. There are two distinctive reds in this piece, one is a rich darker wine red, the other a softer medium red. If you are looking for a vintage Turkoman rug, this is a lovely piece.  It will be up on my site the moment I have it back and will do my best to get accurate photos.  
Vintage Turkoman Carpet, Circa: 1950's, 7' x 10'

Thursday, January 17, 2013

8 x 10 Heriz Rug woven in Afghanistan.

Just uploaded a new video to my You Tube channel of a very pretty 8 x 10 Heriz rug from my gallery.
Have a look:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Symbols found in a Persian Qashqai tribal rug.

I recently received and email from a couple that had been given a Qashqai tribal rug as a gift  for their engagement.  They had been in possession of the rug for only a week but were fully enamored with the endless details of the drawing and color combinations.  
The email read, "My wife and I were wondering if you could take a few minutes to look over our rug.  We have been progressively interested in the "behind the scenes" knowledge of Persian rugs and have been spending quite a bit of our free time researching the web to get as much information as possible.  That is where we came across your excellent web site!  We only know it is a Kashghai.  We found it incredibly entertaining to look at and it has added some magic to our house for sure!  We were not able to figure out the meaning of the main central symbol.  Also, on one side of the rug there are some numbers?  The other thing is that our rug does not have a standard border configuration   Is it that unusual?  We would be very grateful for any feedback you might be able to give us about our Persian rug."

My response is below.

Dear Paolo and Ilaria,

The design element in the main central medallion and each of the 4 corners of this rug, where it is repeated, represents a scarab beetle. I do see two small borders on the right and left sides of the rug which are smaller than usual but design wise very well done.  One of the borders is continued at the top and bottom of the rug. The line going up the middle of the rug with simple branches leading to and away from the medallion is a simple rendition of the Tree of Life. The numbers you are actually seeing are S's.  A bit messy but none-the-less a frequent symbol used in Southern Persian tribal rugs.  They each represent dragons.  The design (drawing), colors and wool all look very good from what I can see in your photos.  My best guess is that some of the dyes in this piece are from natural sources but a few of the colors, such as the orange may be from chrome dyes.  Overall, you have a very nice rug!  Here is link that may be of assistance to you with more info on rug symbols.

Hope that helps.
Penny Krieger

Dear Penny,

Thank you so much for your feedback and explanations on your rug!  We appreciated it. Please feel free to use our pictures and email request on your blog. We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK!

Kind Regards,
Paolo and Ilaria :)

PS The link sent is very interesting, thanks!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show February 2013

This show will be at Fort Mason, in SF, February 8-10, 2013.
The show is always fascinating and one of the best in the world!  I will be there and recommend it to anyone interested in antique tribal art and textiles! 

Here's the link!