Friday, September 30, 2011

In Honor of my Boy Dante January 10, 2008 – September 29, 2011

My Beautiful Boy Dante has left my side.
I weep in pain, no regret to hide
So attentive and loving was he who passed
In honor I now share a deep love that lasts

So smart when young, I could not believe.
So beautiful and playful, almost hard to conceive.
I dreamt of this dog by my side for all years
But fate cut this short with realized fears

An illness that came with the flash of a knife
My dog now in pain, such a terrible plight.

So many vets we did endure with too many medicines, no meaningful cure
For weeks distraught to see my boy ill, I continued to reach for the magical pill.

We traveled far to the specialists known
I closed my shop to stay with him at home.

Yesterday morning I knew it was time
To end his suffering and now embrace mine.

With arms held tight and kisses of love
I released my boy Dante to the sky’s above

I believe in nature and the circle of life
So I’m looking to learn what I might from this plight.

The one simple lesson that continues to hold
My capacity to love did truly unfold.

Thank you Dante for all that you gave.
The happiness and joy, is what I will save.