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Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Wash Your Oriental Rug.

Vacuum the back of the rug first and then vacuum the front.
Take outside to a (clean) flat area, preferably only slightly graded so the water will drain off.
Test the dyes before starting with a clean, white, wet (cold water) wash cloth and rub different colors to ensure they are all fast. If not, spray down the whole rug completely with mixture of 1 part white vinegar/ 3 parts cold water. Let the vinegar/water mixture settle in for a minute, before you start.

The first step is to saturate the rug with water, using the hose, front and back. Below is a really cool video and only shows the washing briefly but you'll get an idea.
Take 1/4th to 1/2 cup (for a very large rug) Ecover (for fine washables) or Orvis horse shampoo and mix into about a quart of water, then distribute all over the rug. If you have a brush with a long handle, gently brush the rug, moving in the direction of the pile.

If you don't have a brush, use the hose to foam up the detergent and loosen the dirt from the rug...let it sit for a minute and then start rinsing with a jet stream from the hose. You must rinse the rug thoroughly for at least 7 or 8 minutes and then rinse the back of the rug. Again, rinse the front, total time, 10-12 minutes, rinsing, ensuring that NO bubbles are appearing on the face or back of the rug before you end off. Flip the rug over and rinse the need to soap up the back. Then, turn it back over, right side up and rinse again. When almost done, mix another white vinegar solution, 5 parts water, 1 part white vinegar and then rinse a bit more after that.

If the rug is too heavy to pick up, roll it up and lean it on it's side against a wall and let the water drain out for a while (half hour), then drape it over a balcony or on a deck in the hot sun where air can get in underneath the rug. Ensure the rug dries in a couple of days and if needed, put it inside near a heater to dry completely. Then brush the rug in the direction of the pile.
Should look great.

I can't guarantee your rug will not run, color-wise but this procedure has worked well for me and I have washed well over 50 pieces. The strong white vinegar solution at the start helps to set fugitive dyes and at the end to remove any soap residue and set the proper PH assisting the wool look to look lustrous and beautiful. Orvis horse shampoo is my first choice as it is very gentle and leaves no shampoo scent in the wool.

Friday, October 28, 2011

More Oriental rug videos from Paradise Oriental Rugs in Sebastopol, CA!

Just received two beautiful tribal rugs in yesterday and uploaded the video to my You Tube channel.  Both rugs are from the Khamseh area in Iran and one is quite large for a tribal rug.  Jewel tones abound and the small runner is pretty enchanting with classic tribal designs throughout!  Have a look. Link to video right here!
Gorgeous tribal rug and runner!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great Article About Sebastopol, CA in the Sunday, NY Times!

Traveling to the Bay Area or Sonoma County? Just in case you missed it, there was a great article in Sunday's NY Times about the town of Sebastopol, right here in Sonoma County!  Have a look!

Paradise Oriental Rugs, Sebastopol, CA.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Paradise Oriental Rugs, New Testimonial!

I relieved a nice testimonial recently from a client I started working with over 2 years ago.  It is being put on my testimonial page as I type.  Here are a few of the rugs they have purchased from my gallery in their new home.  

As you can see, they have successfully combined numerous tribal rugs with their extensive collection of antiques and traditional furnishings, while keeping the space open and light and still being able to enjoy the gorgeous tile and hardwood floors throughout the house.  The last few photos are a peek at the wonderful grounds which are as enchanting as this castle like home which they built from the ground up!

Lovely people, fantastic home, great fun!    

This first photo is of an upstairs study.  The larger rug under the sofa and desk is a finely woven Persian Tabriz, the smaller piece a new vegetable dyed tribal rug with a classic pendant medallion design.  To see all the details described in each photo below, click to enlarge! 

The stripped rug you see below greets you at the first floor entryway.  This design was taken from the style of old Turkish Shawls.  The trade name for this is Shaal, woven in Afghanistan.  My wholesaler is currently sold out of these so this piece was the only one of this type I ever had at my shop to offer for sale.  Gorgeous harmonious colors, great design and sturdy to boot!  

This is the upstairs master bathroom.  Note the view!  The small rug here is a Turkoman rug, woven in Afghanistan, approximately 3 x 6.

     Below is a Yomut Turkoman rug in front of this bedroom fireplace. 

The gallery size runner below is a semi-antique from North west Iran.  The actual design is called the Memlin Gul as the 15th Century artist, Hans Memling painted rugs with this design element frequently.   
(more detailed info on this design motif:
The runner does not take over the space and works well with the Chinese medicine cabinet and various art pieces.  (note) If you click on this photo you will see all that I am describing.    

View of the home, coming down the driveway.  Located in a luscious forest in Sonoma County.  

    Close up on the koi pond, complemented by volcanic rock "pavers" as stepping stones!

    Serene garden area just outside the front door, replete with Asian statuary.

One of the many fantastic views from the second floor. 

Hope you enjoyed! To see more rugs:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Antique Rug and Textile Show, San Francisco, October 20-23, 2011

If you love antique rugs and textiles, this should be a great show! Just got my invitation and will be going, for sure! Antique rug shows are a great opportunity to learn and expand one's knowledge and understanding of the true art of weaving. Link to the show in blue!   

I will not be showing rugs at this show, but just going as dedicated admirer of all things woven.
Below is an antique torba from my gallery, Paradise Oriental Rugs, in Sebastopol, CA.
Antique Balouch torba.  Torba is a storage bag used by nomadic weavers.

Friday, September 30, 2011

In Honor of my Boy Dante January 10, 2008 – September 29, 2011

My Beautiful Boy Dante has left my side.
I weep in pain, no regret to hide
So attentive and loving was he who passed
In honor I now share a deep love that lasts

So smart when young, I could not believe.
So beautiful and playful, almost hard to conceive.
I dreamt of this dog by my side for all years
But fate cut this short with realized fears

An illness that came with the flash of a knife
My dog now in pain, such a terrible plight.

So many vets we did endure with too many medicines, no meaningful cure
For weeks distraught to see my boy ill, I continued to reach for the magical pill.

We traveled far to the specialists known
I closed my shop to stay with him at home.

Yesterday morning I knew it was time
To end his suffering and now embrace mine.

With arms held tight and kisses of love
I released my boy Dante to the sky’s above

I believe in nature and the circle of life
So I’m looking to learn what I might from this plight.

The one simple lesson that continues to hold
My capacity to love did truly unfold.

Thank you Dante for all that you gave.
The happiness and joy, is what I will save.

Monday, August 1, 2011

From the Foothills of the Zagros Mountians, the Bakhtiari Migration.

Below are a series of videos form 2009, which I found fascinating. A 60 day journey that gave me a new appreciation for all that one can take for granted on a daily basis, with life here in the states.
I have always had a deep respect for the weavers that make the rugs that I sell in my retail gallery but watching this series only added to my understanding and admiration.

I found this series on You Tube. It shows in detail, the Bakhtiari migration, which has gone on for some 2500 years. You will see the amazing strength of character, physical and mental capabilities and total commitment to purpose in a people that never question the hardships they endure to find grazing pasture for their animals.  The Bakhtiari are respected weavers and have woven beautiful rugs for centuries.  I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gorgeous 10 x 16 Antique Sarouk!

Recently acquired, this beautiful old rug is now available at my gallery. Woven in Iran, Circa 1925, this Persian carpet has incredibly lustrous wool, deeply saturated colors and magical sparkling blues. The overall floral design with detailed vases offers much to discover as one looks carefully.

Click here to see video

Friday, May 27, 2011

Enjoy the Holiday! Closed for a few days...

My gallery will be closed Sunday, Monday of this week (May 29th, 30th).

These last few months business has been going well. Local and out of town buyers have picked up so take this as a good sign that the economy is coming to life.

The good, the bad and the ugly, but not too much ugly! Wholesale prices of well made, top of the line, vegetable dyed, Persian tribal rugs have gone up. The good news is if you have one, it is now worth more than you purchased it for!

As of Sept. 29, 2010, an Iranian Embargo went into effect, emanating from the US government; specifically, President Obama. This included Persian rugs. The few months prior to this, every wholesaler in the US that was in the business of bringing in Persian rugs, moved the earth and the sun to import as many beautiful rugs as they possibly could. Now, supplies are limited to only those with cash and a customer base to keep all flowing. HINT: The currently available rugs will not last forever! As I have mentioned in a few earlier posts, I still have a good supply of vegetable dyed, one of a kind, Persian tribal rugs in my inventory; Qashqai, Bijar, Khamseh. http:///

I am continuing to invest in what I can until supplies run out. The last embargo lasted over 10 years in duration and when I started my business in 1998, it was illegal to import Persian rugs. This changed in 2000 when President Clinton opened the door to importation of Iranian goods and Persian rugs flowed like a raging river back into the US.

Here are a few Facts about Persian rugs:
1) Persian rugs have the highest resale value of any handwoven rugs in the world.
2) Most other countries; Pakistan, India, China, Romania, and I hate to say this as I love Afghan rugs, but even Afghanistan, copy Persian rug designs.
4) Good quality Persian wool compares to nothing, period. Stain resistant, hard wearing, and when hand spun with the longer, finer fibers, glistens like the sun!
5) There are many different types of Persian rugs from the most detailed city workshop pieces such as a Tabriz or Isfahan to the bold geometric tribal designs that are woven in remote villages in Iran.
6) If properly cared for a hand woven rug can last over 300 years. There are numerous museum pieces that exceed this age from Middle Eastern Mosques or estates in Europe but if you take care of your rug it will take care of you!

Am I Persian? No, I was born in San Francisco and have blue eyes and blond hair, but the rug bug bit me and I cannot escape, nor do I want to.
Enjoy the Holiday.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Persian Bijar, Garros design.

This rug is new and was woven in Iran. Woven by Kurdish weavers near Bijar in the town of Garros. Old design, new rug. Woven with plant based dyes, hand spun wool with much care, the few Bijars that I have left really speak almost the same language as the antique rugs of this type.

This piece recently sold but I found out early this week that my wholesaler in New York has about 4 additional rugs of a very similar type, in the 5 x 7, 5 x 8 range, that are available. They are all similar in design, but each piece has slight differences, if you look carefully. All are navy ground and have accent colors close to the piece above. I immediately ordered one for my personal collection, but there are still 3 gorgeous pieces available. As there is now a Persian rug embargo in place as of September 29, 2010, there will not be more of these coming into the US in the foreseeable future. The only Persian rugs that are available to dealers, such as myself are pieces that are already in the country.
If you have some interest in a rug of this type, send me an email or call and I can forward photos to you of what is available. All contact info is on my site.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fantastic Poem... "A DREAMER"

Need some inspiration? I found it in this beautiful poem.
~ ♥ ~

A dreamer knows no chains

A dreamer lives through pain

A dreamer has no cages

A dreamer never ages

A dreamer heeds no lies

A dreamer always flies

A dreamer is a bird

A dreamer saves the world


Photo by WenXi Chen

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gabbeh Rugs at my Sebastopol, CA gallery!

I did a quick video yesterday of some of the Gabbeh rugs at my gallery for those that have some interest in this type of rug. Hopefully the current Persian rug embargo will not last forever as the original and best Gabbehs always come from Iran. The Qashqai weavers that make these rugs, love color as you can see by the clothes they wear in the movie Gabbeh! (see last post!) As of yesterday, all these rugs are currently available plus a number of pieces I was unable to include! Enjoy!
Here is my article on Gabbeh rugs entitled, "What is a Gabbeh?"
Article on Gabbeh rugs.

Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.
137 No. Main St.
Sebastopol, CA 95472


Monday, February 21, 2011

Oriental Rug Videos on You Tube!

I am adding new videos of rugs from my gallery to You Tube all the time. This first video is the navy Tree of Life rug that you see above.
Sometimes it's difficult to capture the magic of a rug in a photo so I'm enjoying making these available as time permits.

Also added these videos recently.

If you would like to see more of my rugs, just check out my gallery page:

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Another rug from Paradise! Navy Persian Bijar.

This Persian Bijar is 5'5" x 7'5". Timeless design woven with hand spun wool and vegetable dyes.
[This rug is sold as of a week ago...posted April 25, 2011]
[Bijar (Kurdish: بیجاڕ) is a city located in Kurdistan Province of Iran. Its estimated population as of 2006 is 46,156. With an elevation of 1883.4 meters, Bijar is called the Roof of Iran.
From my definitions page:
BIJAR: A town in NW Iran (including the surrounding villages) where the rugs of this name are produced. Bijar rugs are woven by Kurdish weavers with an incredible originality and variation in the designs created. Bijar rugs are renown for their durability and have been nicknamed, "The iron rugs of Iran". The most famous BIJAR design is the GARRUS design, which you can see above.

To see more beautiful rugs go to:

Monday, January 17, 2011

In Honor of Martin Luther King

Just read an incredible post with some wonderful MLK quotes!
Worth reading on the subject of freedom:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Selling your Oriental Rug on Consignment in the Bay Area or Sonoma County.

I am currently open to consignment sales of good quality hand woven Oriental rugs or runners, preferabley tribal in nature. Antique or new, but must be in good condition and clean. Persian tribal rugs are my first choice, but will consider any rug, if it has the magic! Small to large, OK.

Intersting and unusal pieces woven with vegetable dyes and hand spun wool or small silk rugs seem to find buyers easily in my gallery. If I don't think I can sell it, I will not waste your time. If you need to get the rug washed first we do handle washing rugs at my gallery so give a call. 

My shop is in Sebastopol, CA, so any consignment sales would work best if you are at least in the San Franscisco Bay Area.

If you have a rug or carpet (larger rug) you are interested in selling, send photos by email with size, age, any known info such as provenence to my email address, with your contact info:

If you are more interested in selling the rug yourself, this article will give you some tips.

Have a perfect Day!
Penny Krieger

Owner of Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.
137 No. Main St.
Sebastopol, CA
707-823-3355 Tues-Sat 12-5
Sunday, by appointment. Closed Monday.

I do not do appraisals so if you feel that is what you need first, Pamela Hiller is highly qualified and in Sonoma County.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oriental Rug Sale On Now! At Paradise Oriental Rugs in Sebastopol, CA!


It's January and I am having a SALE. All rugs, including my fantastic Persian tribal rugs are currently 15% off with select rugs throughout my inventory 20-30% off. Sale will run for the next few weeks. Above are a few of the rugs at my shop that I consider exceptional.

Have a look! The below link will take you directly to my galleries.

Here is a link to my ARTICLES page with all the FAQS, about shipping out of state and yes, I do "on approval" even on SALE priced rugs.

There is additional info on how to ascertain value, when and if you need an appraisal, how to sell your Oriental rug and much more.

I carry Persian Gabbehs, Persian tribal rugs such as Qashqai, Bijar, etc., vegetable dyed Turkoman rugs, veg dyed Afghan rugs (Heriz, Sultanabad designs, etc...), Oriental rug trappings; saddle bags, bag faces (the front of an antique saddle bag, torbas (storage bags for nomadic weavers), sofrehs, which are eating cloths and actually very durable AND ballasht's which are woven to be pillows OR grain sacks to be tied to the side of a camel. Also I have a few pieces from some of the other rug producing countries, for example a dragon rug from Buton. I am always available for questions so here is my cell...your direct line!

Penny 707-536-5022
Email is good too as I am online frequently.

Happy New Year to You and my most sincere hopes for you to achieve the goals and dreams that you have put forth for this year!
TheUnderCoverRugLover, aka Penny Krieger