Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oriental Rug Sale On Now! At Paradise Oriental Rugs in Sebastopol, CA!


It's January and I am having a SALE. All rugs, including my fantastic Persian tribal rugs are currently 15% off with select rugs throughout my inventory 20-30% off. Sale will run for the next few weeks. Above are a few of the rugs at my shop that I consider exceptional.

Have a look! The below link will take you directly to my galleries.

Here is a link to my ARTICLES page with all the FAQS, about shipping out of state and yes, I do "on approval" even on SALE priced rugs.

There is additional info on how to ascertain value, when and if you need an appraisal, how to sell your Oriental rug and much more.

I carry Persian Gabbehs, Persian tribal rugs such as Qashqai, Bijar, etc., vegetable dyed Turkoman rugs, veg dyed Afghan rugs (Heriz, Sultanabad designs, etc...), Oriental rug trappings; saddle bags, bag faces (the front of an antique saddle bag, torbas (storage bags for nomadic weavers), sofrehs, which are eating cloths and actually very durable AND ballasht's which are woven to be pillows OR grain sacks to be tied to the side of a camel. Also I have a few pieces from some of the other rug producing countries, for example a dragon rug from Buton. I am always available for questions so here is my cell...your direct line!

Penny 707-536-5022
Email is good too as I am online frequently.

Happy New Year to You and my most sincere hopes for you to achieve the goals and dreams that you have put forth for this year!
TheUnderCoverRugLover, aka Penny Krieger