Monday, April 25, 2011

Fantastic Poem... "A DREAMER"

Need some inspiration? I found it in this beautiful poem.
~ ♥ ~

A dreamer knows no chains

A dreamer lives through pain

A dreamer has no cages

A dreamer never ages

A dreamer heeds no lies

A dreamer always flies

A dreamer is a bird

A dreamer saves the world


Photo by WenXi Chen

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gabbeh Rugs at my Sebastopol, CA gallery!

I did a quick video yesterday of some of the Gabbeh rugs at my gallery for those that have some interest in this type of rug. Hopefully the current Persian rug embargo will not last forever as the original and best Gabbehs always come from Iran. The Qashqai weavers that make these rugs, love color as you can see by the clothes they wear in the movie Gabbeh! (see last post!) As of yesterday, all these rugs are currently available plus a number of pieces I was unable to include! Enjoy!
Here is my article on Gabbeh rugs entitled, "What is a Gabbeh?"
Article on Gabbeh rugs.

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