Monday, August 1, 2011

From the Foothills of the Zagros Mountians, the Bakhtiari Migration.

Below are a series of videos form 2009, which I found fascinating. A 60 day journey that gave me a new appreciation for all that one can take for granted on a daily basis, with life here in the states.
I have always had a deep respect for the weavers that make the rugs that I sell in my retail gallery but watching this series only added to my understanding and admiration.

I found this series on You Tube. It shows in detail, the Bakhtiari migration, which has gone on for some 2500 years. You will see the amazing strength of character, physical and mental capabilities and total commitment to purpose in a people that never question the hardships they endure to find grazing pasture for their animals.  The Bakhtiari are respected weavers and have woven beautiful rugs for centuries.  I hope you enjoy!