Thursday, February 5, 2015

Yikes, This Rug is Heavy! Fantastic Very Large Persian Bijar at Paradise Oriental Rugs.

Well, it arrived and it's pretty heavy! If I had to open and close this by myself, I don't think I could do  it or it least it might be a bit of a struggle BUT the good news is, the rug is BEAUTIFUL.

I did have a similar, smaller piece a couple years ago which sold a while back. This piece just arrived at my gallery yesterday. The exact size is 11' 2" x 15' 4". This rug is filled with life. Nuanced colors mixed with deeply saturated jewel tones so although the rug has great depth of color, it is not too dark which it a plus for a rug of this size. Gorgeous drawing, clean, fine weaving and all things good. Pretty obvious I am from California, isn't it? :)

I just put together a quick video of the rug for anyone that would like to see it.
Video of large Persian Bijar

The rug is tightly woven, thick, slightly floppy (not stiff at all) and the vegetable dyed wool is of excellent quality, so there you are.

To see some some additional photos click here. There is a page 2 on gallery one which you can find but clicking on the little number 2 at the top and bottom of the page.

Please call for the price if you have some interest.
The number of our gallery, Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. is: 707-823-3355
Questions always welcome.