Friday, July 26, 2013

Video of Afghan Rugs!

Just finished this video a couple hours ago so if you're interested in Afghan rugs, have a look.  It's a little over 2 minutes detailing a number of different design types, all woven recently in Afghanistan.
Video of Afghan Rugs. 

A few of the designs featured are Kazak, Agra (India), Heriz (Persian), Serab (Persian), Samarkand (East Turkestan) and one old Turkoman design which I actually missed on the close up.  You can see that piece in the last 20 seconds of the video.

Hope you enjoy!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Questions and Answers About Buying Oriental Rugs Online

I just finished updating my FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on my site and if you are considering a online purchase of an Oriental rug, a few of my answers might bring some insight.
I also have another article on the subject of purchasing rugs online which you can read here.

You know, it's funny, since I have continued to add content to my site in the last few years I have received phone calls from many parts of the world.  I have never shipped a rug out of the US and I would love to.  I did have a very interested person in Switzerland contact me and she actually was quite serious but when she found out what the duty fees amounted to she would have to pay on the arrival of a purchase, all bets were off.  I always recommend any potential purchase be made on "an approval" basis.  This is detailed above if you follow the links.

I do not know of another dealer in my business that makes made to order videos for a would be client.
I have done many and it really helps clarify what the rug in question looks like.  I believe I now have almost 75 videos on You Tube.  Mind you, these are not Hollywood productions, just two or three minutes in length with the rug or rugs of interest shown from all angles with details. Here's a link to my You Tube Channel, if you are so inclined to view one or two.

And since I am the undercoverruglover, I will not sign this post but if I have your attention and you'd like to take a peek at my site, here you are.