Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Oriental Rug Videos! What is a Gabbeh Rug?

Here is the video I did today on Persian Gabbeh's featuring a number of the Gabbeh rugs I have available at my shop. Video of Gabbeh Rugs 

If you are seeking more info on Gabbeh's, this article will give you the basics. "What is a Gabbeh Rug?" by Penny Krieger 

Here is another video of some beautiful Afghan rugs recently added to my inventory. This was done just a few days ago.
Video of beautiful Afghan rugs! 

Here is a video of many of the new runners I now have for sale. Beautiful runners from Afghanistan. Of course, they are not all featured in the video as I actually have over 60 plus runners at my gallery at this time. 

And here are my gallery pages Paradise Oriental Rugs Gallery! which has all my inventoy.

Hope you enjoy!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Many New Beautiful Handmade Afghan Rugs Recently Arrived at my Gallery! Here's a Peek!

I am still in the process of getting all these rugs on my site but the ones I have missed thus far should be up by the end of today. 4/5/18 Done!

Also, here is a video made today of the many runners I have available. Counted them for fun, over 60. I have a great selection of all sizes of rugs, including runners. Video of Afghan New Afghan Runners. 

Not going into all the sizes here, just a few photos to share. On my website, all the sizes are indicated as well as additional information. The first photos are all runners, under 10 ft. The navy runner is 3'7" in width. That is the Tree of Life runner, here at the top which is gorgeous! The other runners are all under 3ft wide.

These few rugs are in the 5 x 7ish range.

This smaller rug is one of my favorites! Magical blue!
Close to 4 x 6, from memory.

These are smaller, approximately 3 x 5's.

And there are more! Have a look at my gallery. Additionally, I have an incredible selection of larger rugs at this time. 8 x 10's, 9 x 12's and even larger pieces! 

Give us a call if you would like more info! Don't forget, we do ship all over the US!

(yes, I am the UnderCoverRugLover)