Sunday, May 5, 2019

ORIENTAL RUG SALE on now! Come Find a Beautiful Rug for Your Home or Office!

Very special sales event on NOW. Currently offering 20% off all rugs. We have a fabulous selection of area rugs, runners, large rugs, and everything in between including Oriental Rug trappings (ie: saddlebags and other antique collectibles) and a few very special antique Persian rugs.

Do take a look at our gallery pages, if you're looking for something special.

Hope to see you soon!


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

New Oriental Rug Videos from Paradise Oriental Rugs!

Here are few of my most recent videos, including the one I made today on Kilims!

All of these have been shot in the last few months so many of the pieces you will see are still available.

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Always here if you have any question! Shop number: 707-823-3355

Interesting Kilims, Persian, Turkish and Afghan!

A Few Amazing Bijar Rugs! 

New Video on Gabbeh Rugs Available at my Gallery!

Afghan and Persian Rugs, only at Paradise Oriental Rugs!

Hope you enjoy!  

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Antique Persian Rugs Recently Acquired for my Gallery!

Moving into 2019, I have recently crossed " over 20 years in business" and 13 years at my gallery here in Sebastopol, CA. Always learning and still very much in love with the Oriental Rug Universe.

It took a long time for me to embrace antique rugs as a concept. I would see other dealers selling worn out, challenged pieces, when first starting out or look through old auction catalogs, indicating sales prices with estimates in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and just shake my head. Now, finally, I am beginning to see what are the attributes and irreplaceable qualities on an antique Oriental rug of merit.

The design, color choices, layout, and general composition of a handwoven rug is a communication. Starting with the selection of hand-spun high-quality wool, the dyes used, the dyer's skill to create unique and beautiful colors, the drawing of the rug, any intentionally placed anomalies (intentional mistakes) and the overall composition; there is a communication that occurs when one beholds a woven work of art.

After observing so many enthusiastic and sometimes wild responses (client diving onto a rug to losing their power of speech, both of which, have occurred) in response to rugs I have shown over the years, I not only believe this, I know it.

Here are a few of my recent antique acquisitions, all of which are currently available at my gallery.

This first piece is a 3'4" x 4'6" Antique Persian Hamadon. Circa 1900. Senna, Bijar design. Beautifully saturated vegetable dyes with deep, clear colors and lots of spark! Excellent condition with no wear to the pile. The field design is the classic Herati design.

This next rug is an antique Shekarlu Qashqai rug! 2nd Half, 19th Century. Size is: 6'2" x 7'8"  Shekarlu Qashqai rugs are characterized by their white borders and fields filled with stylized depictions of animals, flowers, trees and more. A beautifully put together antique Persian Carpet, this piece has "heart". It is currently displayed on a wall at my gallery!

This last piece is an antique Persian Kurdish rug; Sanjabi Kurd. 19th Century. 4'4" x 7'4" This Persian carpet has lustrous wool, full pile, no condition issues, and extremely compelling in person. Investment quality antique rug. Amazing condition for the age, woven with all vegetable dyes in beautiful colors!

Here is a recent video that includes two of these rugs, which you might enjoy.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Beautiful Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs Currently Available at my Gallery.

Just a quick note to let you know I currently have a fantastic collection of rugs available for sale at my gallery. My runner selection has never been better. All sizes, with many different design choices and colors. Here are a few interesting pieces!

2'7' x 17'10" Afghan Tree-of-Life runner. Arrived yesterday.

These two runners are 10ft, or close.

This beautiful Persian runner is just under 13 ft. New runner in an antique design.

Here is a beautiful 6 x 9 Persian Gabbeh. This piece was woven with all undyed wool! It is genuinely stunning in person. 

Here is another Gabbeh in a much smaller size.

In addition to these pieces,  I have wonderful selection of large rugs including 10 x 14's, 9 x 12's, 8 x 10', 6 x 8's, 5 x 7's.

Here are a few of my favorites!
                                         9 x 12 Afghan Carpet, Bijar Design.

                                         9 x 12 Sultanabad, woven in Afghanistan.

7 x 10 Persian Bijar, Garrus design. 

8 x 10 Persian Bijar
10 x 13 Heriz rug. Afghanistan. 

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UnderCoverRugLover, aka Penny:)

Friday, November 16, 2018

Happy New Year to One and All! May 2019 be Your Best Year Ever!

My gallery is packed full with beautiful rugs so if you have been thinking about a purchase this is a great time. Honestly, I have a wonderful selection of all sizes including runners and a few choice antique pieces! If you're out of state, we ship all rugs on "an approval" basis. Give us a call. We are friendly. All prices on request! 707-823-3355

Here are a few beautiful rugs to tempt you that are currently available!

Penny Krieger, owner

Paradsie Oriental Rugs, Inc.
137 No. Main St.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Few of my Favorite Photos From my Rug Gallery!

Over the years I have taken a number of photos at my gallery.

Here are a few I have decided to share.

This was taken when I first opened my current location in Sebastopol, CA in 2006. I hired a very talented belly dancer and she performed at my grand opening.

This photo with the camel was taken a few years later. Short story, one day I went to work and there was an incredibly friendly camel parked out in from of my gallery! Enjoyed! 

Client's daughter getting very comfortable with the rugs. It was close to Haloween and she was wearing her "Princess" outfit. 

This is a photo I took of a lovely young gal that worked for me, possibly it was 2007, for just a few months. As all can see, she is very pretty and looked wonderful with the backdrop of a Turkish rug. 

One of my favorite photos. Three young girls climbing around my rug store like monkeys, jumping here and there and having a good ole time! Dad kept telling them to "get down" but I said, all OK!

My lovely niece getting into the details of a rug! 
                                Again, my niece, enjoying a rug that she really liked!
                                   Same niece, same rug! It is now her rug, of course.

A wonderful photo sent to me by a client that features three pieces she purchased at my gallery. 

          An amazing silk rug, I sold a number of years ago. I still have never found another like it! 

My two lovely dogs Prince and Draco, when Draco was just a puppy. The rug they are sitting on is an older Turkoman piece in my collection.

This photo was taken at a client's home in Occidental, CA. One of the rugs he purchased for his fantastic home! 
The below rug was a vintage Kurdish piece, same client.

This photo was taken in Petaluma at a client's beautifully restored, craftsman home. The rug featured below is a Heriz, woven in Afghanistan. Of course, from my gallery! 
Another piece purchased for the upstairs gallery. New rug in an antique Qashqai design.
This rug in her dining room is also a Heriz design but with no central medallion. This type of design is called "an overall" design. 

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Oriental Rug Videos! By Penny Krieger, owner of Paradise Oriental Rugs.

I recently filmed a couple videos of the Bijar rugs available at my gallery.
Here is the first one!

                                Video of Bijar Rugs

Here is the second one! This piece arrived just recently!
Video of a Beautiful Bijar rug in the Tree of Life Design.


To see more of my rugs, here is a link to our gallery in Sebastopol CA. We have many beautiful vegetable dyed rugs in tribal and antique designs as well as a few gorgeous Gabbeh rugs.
All prices on request.

The UnderCoverRugLover!

Friday, September 28, 2018

6 Important Points to Consider When Buying an Oriental Rug!

A beautiful Persian tribal rug in the Tree of Life design. 

As the owner of an Oriental Rug gallery, I have purchased hundreds of handmade rugs since the inception of my business. When I first started out, the process of buying rugs for my retail store was somewhat overwhelming and inhibiting but as time passed, I learned and all became easier. With over 20 years of experience and study, I now would like to share a few salient points I consider important when making that final decision to purchase a rug. 

Number 1

Colors! Do you find the colors of the rug to be aesthetically pleasing? Do the colors in the rug give you a pleasant feeling of joy and happiness? If yes, this is a great start.

Number 2

Quality of the materials. If the rug is wool, as most hand-woven rugs are, is the wool good quality? Good quality wool will not be dry or scratchy to the touch and should be quite resilient. If you push on it, does it spring back? Hand-spun wool from healthy sheep is durable and will last for many years. If the rug is silk, it should glisten like the sun and will be cold to the touch. If "fake silk" often called "art silk" it will be much less expensive and not very tightly knotted. Beware of these "art silk" rugs as they are mercerized cotton and there is no silk in the rug.

Number 3

Do you like the drawing? The drawing is the design layout of the rug. It can be geometric based or floral or anything in between. Is it too busy? Too flowery? If you love the colors but do not like the design, my advice is to pass on the rug. Do not purchase it. You must like both. Always honor your taste!

Number 4

Will the size work for your needs? A little bigger or a little smaller should not stop you from making a purchase but if the rug in question is a totally wrong size, time to let it go.

Number 5

Are you able to try the rug "on an approval basis" which means, you can take the rug home and ensure it looks wonderful in the space you have in mind. All dealers of repute will allow you to do this and some dealers, such as myself, will even ship rugs, on an approval basis.

Number 6

Do you love it? The more you look at the right rug, the prettier it becomes. Good quality hand-woven rugs with beautiful colors and interesting designs never stop giving. They will never become boring and as time moves forward, you will continue to enjoy your "handwoven work of art" every day of your life.

My last words of advice: Be, very, very careful if you start obsessing on all things rugs. This art form can be very addicting and then you may have to become a rug dealer so you can do this all the time!

For fun, I wrote an article on How to Deal with an Oriental Rug Addiction!

Article: How to Deal With an Oriental Rug Addiction

If you are looking for a beautiful handmade rug, please take a look at my gallery! I work very hard to find exquisite, interesting and wonderful Oriental rugs in tribal designs woven with hand spun wool and plant-based dyes.

Here are a few recent acquisitions for my gallery that I do think are quite lovely. 
               4 x 5ish Persian Bijar

               8 x 11 Afghan Carpet, Bijar Design

                              13 ft Persian runner, Mughal design. 
                       Fantastic Persian Gabbeh rug, approximately 6 x 8

                       Small Qashqai rug.

                       13 ft. Persian runner, Tree of Life design!

Penny Krieger

To see more rugs here is my website. 

Paradise Orienta Rugs, Inc.
137 No. Main St.
Sebastopol, CA 95472  707-823-3355

Penny Krieger is the owner of Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc., located in Sebastopol, CA, one hour north of San Francisco. She has a wonderful selection of better quality tribal rugs, a few antique pieces and a large collection of Oriental rug trappings.