Saturday, August 15, 2020

Now Offering 15% off Your 1st Purchase at Paradise Oriental Rugs, Santa Rosa, CA!

 Many beautiful rugs in stock. Give us a call. Showing on an appointment basis in Santa Rosa, CA! 707-823-3355 

7 ft. Bijar runner. 

                                                          11 ft Bijar runners.

                                     7 x 10 Garrus Bijar Carpet in Ivory! Very unusual. 

                           10 x 13 Afghan Heriz with a lovely open field. 

Small Persian piece with Tree of Life/Cypress and Willow design.  

Now showing rugs on an appointment basis. Give us a call. All prices on request. Here is the gallery page on my website. Rug Gallery

Questions Welcome: 707-823-3355

Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

New Bijar Rugs Available Including a Beautiful 13 x 16 Garrus Bijar Carpet!

I recently sold a number of my Bijar rugs and subsequently purchased a number of new pieces for my gallery. Although there is currently an embargo on Persian rugs, I do have a resource that brought in a large container prior to the embargo and is offering exquisite quality pieces on a step by step basis.

Here are a few of my new arrivals and one glorious HUGE Bijar that is too large for me to have at my gallery but is available on an "order only" basis.

This first Bijar is 3'10" x 4'6". Garrus design.

This lovely rug is approximately 3' x 7'. Beautiful colors and drawing on a very dark navy ground.

This finely woven Bijar is in the Tree of Life design with Cypress and Willows. This design is also called the "Bid Majnun" design. This piece is just under 5' x 7'.

This lovely smaller Bijar is 3'8" x 4'3" This one really sparkles and I have it on display in my showroom!

This 6 x 9 Ivory Bijar is arriving in a few days and will be available.

And last but not least is this gorgeous, very large Persian Bijar in the classic Garrus design.

This amazing rug is 13'1" x 16'3" and is the largest Bijar I have ever offered for sale. Finely woven with a "heavy body" in deeply saturated jewel tones. This piece is available on an "order only" basis as it is a bit too large for me to physically handle. I did sell a similar piece recently which was 10 x 13 and the client LOVED it, as I did. Please see my short video of the one I recently sold as these two rugs are comparable in very similar designs and coloration. 10 x 13 Bijar Carpet, Garrus design.  I have a few more photos of this piece in Gallery 1 on my site. Gallery 1  As with all the rugs on my website, please call for prices. 707-823-3355

I am now selling in Santa Rosa, CA on an appointment basis at my private showroom which is working out well. For more info about my rugs, please check out my website!

Paradise Oriental Rugs

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

New Bijars and Tree of Life Persian Rugs in Today. Video


I hope you are all well. These rugs arrived today. They are not yet up on my site. I will try to get them on the site in the next couple of days.

New Rugs in Today, Bijars and Tree of Life


Shortest post ever!

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Oriental Rug SALE on Now! 20% off all Rugs and Runners! By Appointment.

My rugs are now available and I am currently offering 20% off all inventory! Please give me a call if you would like to come and find a beautiful rug for your home that will give you years of pleasure! Don't forget. I am now in Santa Rosa and my location is very easy to find.

Here are a couple of beauties I recently added to my gallery collection!

This lovely rug is a Persian Qashqai. Quite spectacular in person. Approximately 7 x 10.

                This piece is a Persian Bijar. Classic antique tribal design, new rug. This piece is a little                        larger than 6 x 9.  Perfection!

Penny Krieger, owner

Gallery 707-823-3355

Paradise Oriental Rugs 

Monday, May 25, 2020

Be Careful What You Wish For! Oriental Rug Gallery Update! Paradise Oriental Rugs, Santa Rosa, CA

Six months ago I was running a SALE and closing my retail gallery after many years. Not "going out of business" but just running a great sale so all my clients from the last 20 years of doing business in Sonoma County could get a good deal on a rug before I moved my gallery to my home studio. Believe me, I worked non-stop those last few months before I closed my Sebastopol Gallery. I was in the shop every day and to ensure I had enough rugs for anyone and everyone...when the sales really started coming to life, I purchased additional rugs and runners which always takes time and energy.

It was a great time for me as I saw many former clients reappear and of course I love selling rugs and buying rugs so I was in my element. At the same time, I had a number of social and personal demands on my plate as well as a household to run. As we moved into the final stages of the closing sale, I repeatedly thought, "I just need some time off. I just need a break!" Be careful what you wish for! For the first time in over 20 years, I have not worked, formally for a little over two months!

Oh my. Did I get a break? A break beyond all breaks. I am so ready to work, show rugs, open and close rugs, discuss rugs, clarify, talk about, and enlighten anyone and everyone that might be interested in a rug purchase I might pop! Please don't be overwhelmed, I just am a person that loves to work at my chosen profession.

I am now OPEN for business...on an appointment basis in Santa Rosa, California, and also available to ship rugs out of state. All recommended protocols in place.

If you have any concerns, please give me a call and we can discuss. 707-823-3355 This is my business line. If you are interested in an appointment, just call me directly on my cell: 707-536-5022.
Just for the record, I am currently NOT PURCHASING rugs from individuals unless the rug is exceptional, an antique and something you KNOW is in keeping with the types of rugs I sell.

I hope each and every one of you that might be reading is doing well. This has been a very trying time for all of us but this too shall pass.

If you are in the market for a beautiful rug I still have an incredible selection of good quality Persian and Afghan rugs and I would love to hear from you!

Currently running a SALE with 20% off all rugs! 
                  SALE ends June 30th.


Penny Krieger, owner
Paradise Oriental Rugs

Monday, February 10, 2020

The Move is Complete! Now Showing In Santa Rosa, CA on an Appointment Basis!

I recently moved my business to Santa Rosa, CA. Here are some of my recent acquisitions that are currently available.  This first piece is my pride and joy. It's very close to a 7 x 10 and definitely one of the most gorgeous rugs I've ever had the pleasure of offering for sale. Here is the video of this piece in living color.  As there is currently an Iranian rug embargo I was thrilled to acquire this rug. It was one of the last pieces that arrived here in the US before the embargo went into effect, purchased from my trusted supplier of over 20 years.

                                Beautiful Blue Persian Qashqai!

If you are unfamiliar with Qashqai rugs, here is an article I wrote last year on the subject.

I also have an extensive collection of antique Qashqai saddlebags available for sale.

OK, next! An unusual Afghan rug in lovely light green. 
9' x 12'4" Afghan Tribal rug.

This piece is about a 6 x 9 and again, another one-of-a-kind Afghan rug.

Runners, runners, and more runners! Well, here it is: 
3'2" x 19'10" Qashqai runner! 

Here is another lovely runner. This one is 2'10" x 10'4" and is a Persian Bijar. 

To see more of my current collection, here is my site:

Here are my gallery pages:

If you would like to see more rug videos, here is my youtube channel:

Questions always welcome and all prices on request.
Penny Krieger, the Undercoverruglover!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Oriental Rug SALE on now...Closing my Sebastopol Location in January. New Video!

Included in this video are a few of the many rugs I currently have available at my gallery. My sale will run until I close this location which will be on Saturday, January 25, 2020. I am not "going out of business" but after 15 years at my current location, I am in need of some time off. My website will remain online and for those that are interested in a purchase locally, I will be working on an " appointment basis" only, in Santa Rosa, CA.

Oriental Rugs On SALE!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Gallery OPEN this Sunday, November 10th from 10 AM -2 PM. Great SALE on now. Come see us!

We lost a few days with the recent fires up here in northern CA so we will be open this Sunday, Nov. 10th from 10 AM - 2 PM. Come see us if you are looking for a beautiful handwoven rug! All rugs are being offered at 20% off as I am closing my Sebastopol location after 15 years, in Jan.  NOT going out of business but need some time off. We will still be selling online and on an appointment basis locally after I close my current gallery.

Paradise Oriental Rugs

Phone: 707-823-3355

137 North Main St.
Sebastopol, CA

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Beautiful Bijar Rugs from my Bijar Collection. Closing my Sebastopol location at Year End. All pieces on SALE now. 20% Off All Rugs!

Here are a few beautiful rugs from my Bijar Collection. (Bidjar Rugs) That is an alternate spelling. Here is a video with a number of my currently available Bijar rugs.
Beautiful New Bijar Rugs in Antique Designs! 

Plus there are others!

Here is a link to the gallery page of my website. Rug Gallery!  Please give us a call for any questions!
Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. 707-823-3355 We do ship all over the US.