Monday, April 25, 2016

New Persian Rugs in Today and More Coming Soon!

Here is a peek. All these rugs arrived at my gallery today... a few of the first Persian rugs in the door since the recent termination of the Persian Rug Embargo that began in 2010.

All the below rugs were woven in Iran.These pieces are mostly Bijars and rugs from the Khamseh area of Iran in smaller sizes. The two runners below are under 7 feet in length.

ALL are woven with hand-spun wool and plant based dyes (vegetable dyes) by adult female weavers at home or in small village co-operatives. No child labor, skillfully woven.
New rugs, antique Persian tribal designs. These rugs will all be up on my site within a day or two.
Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc., Sebastopol, CA

More to come soon!

The UnderCoverRugLover

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Before and After of My Garden!

What does the undercover rug lover do when she's not selling rugs? Getting as close to nature as possible. I decided to share my garden in the front yard of my house today. I bought my current home in Santa Rosa, California, a little over 4 years ago and it needed much. Step by step I have been moving forward working out the plants and flowers on a continuing basis. These first 10 photos of the yard are from last June when all the flowers were in bloom but the video was taken this morning.

As you will see in the video, many of the flowers have not yet blossomed but things are showing signs of life. This is a wonderful time of year as I really enjoy watching plants become green again and spending time out in the fresh air with my lovely dog Prince.

Yes, he is a rescue. He is six, in excellent health and one happy, sweet dog. He arrived in my life 4 years ago and I adore him! The good news is I have a large back yard with a very high fence and extremely durable Oriental rugs all over my floors. Hint, hint! Just having some fun....

If you scroll down to the bottom of this post there are three pictures of my front yard at the beginning of 2012 when I first purchased this house.

If you watch the video, listen to all the birds singing. Many of them find refuge in the huge oak tree right next door. Such lovely sounds to be greeted with each morning!  
Video of my garden coming to life at the start of Spring!

As you can see I really enjoy color!

 These photos were taken this morning. Their flowers will be here soon.
                                      This must be the world's smallest flower.

This is exactly what my yard looked like when I started.

 This is the area outside of my front yard on the left side of my driveway that is now is filled with ferns.
And now...

 One side of my front porch.
 By my driveway.

Hope you enjoyed my photos.

The Under Cover Rug Lover

Friday, March 11, 2016

More New Rugs in...Afghan Rugs in Persian Tribal Designs.

I'll keep it simple. Here is a short video of some of my newest aquisitions all from Afghanistan.
Video of Afghan rugs in Persian tribal designs.
Here's a clue: ) The first three photos here are of a small piece in a Qashqai design.

This last rug is a Kurdish design with Cypress trees, Weeping Willows and the Tree of Life.

If you would like to see more of my rugs, here is  my gallery.
Oriental Rug Gallery

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Afghan Rugs in Tribal Designs!

I love to buy rugs! Here are a few of my recent purchases, all of which were woven in Afghanistan. The first few rugs are Heriz designs, including the runner.

All of these are available for purchase.
This first beautiful Heriz is a 10 x 13. You can find it in gallery one on my site. This rug is filled with color! All created with plant based dyes and hand spun wool, as are the others. The large Heriz rug is featured at the end of this short video of Afghan rugs.

Paradise Oriental Rugs Gallery

This navy Heriz is in an unusual size being almost square. Close to a 6 x 6...

This lovely runner is about 9 ft. Close up below.

And this ivory Heriz rug is about 5 x 7. 

The UnderCoverRugLover

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Persian Rug Embargo is Over! Iranian Sanctions Lifted! Persian Rug Lover's Celebrate!

Today is January 17, 2016.

Yesterday I received an email from one of my best wholesalers of Persian tribal rugs with this news. The Persian rug embargo is lifted, over, done, no longer in effect!  Here's the LINK! 

Prior to this most recent embargo I specialized in Persian rugs (tribal rugs from Southern Iran) and rugs from Afghanistan in tribal designs. The current embargo went into effect in 2010. Prior to the deadline, I purchased as many high quality Persian rugs as I could afford for my gallery. I still have a number of pieces which I consider extraordinary but it will only get better from here.

It will take a while for the first shipments to arrive as rugs being imported normally travel in containers by ship so do not expect new inventory tomorrow in the rug stores but in the next few months we will see a trickle and then more and more as time moves forward.

It's an exciting time for Oriental Rug merchants that love to sell these types of rugs and I will purchase whatever I can within the parameters of my finances and what I find to be representative of the best and most beautiful craftsmanship. I should probably say craftswoman-ship, as all of the Persian weavers that are creating the rugs that I purchase are adult women weaving in their homes or in a small village cooperative. They have my respect, for sure. The patience and care that is so evident in a beautiful rug, never fails to amaze me.  

If you are unfamiliar with tribal rugs, originally, these were the rugs woven by nomads and pastoral weavers such as the Qashqai, the Backhtiari, Khamseh, Lori and Kurdish weavers. Differing drastically from rugs that have been woven in city workshops such as Tabriz or Isfahan.

The tribal weavers have their own design repertoire, most being taught by their mothers from a young age. First they may learn how to weave a leaf, a bird, a border design and so forth. Sometimes they may refer to a picture as they weave but that's about the extent of the predetermined look of the rug. After they learn the basic designs of their tribal heritage, they then have the freedom to create any combinations of these elements into a fascinating whole. Weaving is a beautiful art form with endless possibilities, which makes my job never boring and always fascinating. The weavers have the freedom to improvise, move this or that design element or lovingly insert an intentional mistake with reverence to a higher power which is the only entity with the ability and gift to create perfection. 

In my article How to Buy and Oriental Rug, I go into the differences of the basic two types of rugs and of course, there are always those rugs that fall somewhere in the middle.

If you are considering purchasing a genuine Persian rug (woven in Iran) in the near or distant future, as stated, there are some amazing and beautiful Persian rugs here in the US today but if you do not find the piece that makes your heart sing, your choices will only improve from today forward. 

Caveat: Sometimes a rug is available and the price is fair for what it is and there will never be another one exactly like it. If you find such a piece, I wholeheartedly recommend you to buy it! 

If you would like to see a few of my rugs, here you are:

Penny Krieger, owner

Monday, January 11, 2016

Antique Rugs and Oriental Rug Restoration

I recently came across a beautiful, very old rug for sale and bought it promptly. It was not perfect but if you're almost 100 years old, how perfect are you? Perfectly imperfect with experience, heart, understanding and a certain beauty of just being who you are.

For a rug, a beautiful antique patina and an essence of all the life that has passed before it illuminated by the glorious colors of dyes made the old fashioned way in a beautiful drawing. As you may have guessed, I have a passion for hand woven rugs.

My new acquisition was a 11 x 14 Persian tribal rug, know in the trade as a Bakhtiari. The Bakhtiari weavers are very respected and have their own colorways which I find pleasing. They are most famous for the garden design but many of their antique rugs have earlier renditions that one would not necessarily recognize and other medallion designs such as the one I purchased.

I will share some before and after photos and also a couple of videos.

The problems:

Two small tears in the body of the rug and one edge that needed securing.

The below photo depicts the selvage (edge of the rug) which was detached.
                                            Separated selvege:
Here is a video of my trusted restorations expert...doing what she does:

Video of the restoration, repairing the slits.

This rug is now fully repaired and good to go!

Here is a video of the rug after these minor restorations.
11 x 14 Persian Bakhtiari with Beautiful Jewel Tones. 

Hope you enjoyed!
This wonderful 11 x 14 Bakhtiari rug is available. Price on request, questions welcome.
Give us a call: 707-823-3355

Penny Krieger, owner
Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.
Sebastopol, CA

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dogs and Oriental Rugs. How to Camouflage Your Dog Crate with Beautiful Tribal Rugs!

I am the owner of an Oriental Rug Gallery and also a very loving "dog mom". My lovely rescue, a purebred German Shepherd Dog by the name of Prince is the light of my life. We have been enjoying life together for 4 years now and once in a great while, I will bring him to my shop. Normally this only occurs when I know it will be a short day for me and he has been well exercised earlier. He mostly stays in the crate for a couple of hours or gets a brief walk outside and then back into the crate.

Having a dog crate in an Oriental rug store is a bit strange so a while back I decided to ensure it fit in with the theme of my shop! Step by step, this is how I evloved decorating the crate which basically camouflaged it. I then thought that if anyone had a crate in their home that really needed to be in a certain room and they would like to impove the look of it, I would share this. Obviously, this look is not for everyone BUT for people that collect rugs or textiles and find they have more than they can dispay, it may be of use. 

The crate, as you can see is black metal. It is large. My dog weights 93 lbs! It is tucked into a corner of the gallery but right by the front door when you are walking in. Keep in mind, whatever I chose had to work with all the rugs that were on the walls and in the front window display so this factor guided my choices. Also, what was floppy and the correct size? 

I started with an old Sofreh (flat woven eating cloth) and covered the top of the crate.

My next step was to drape and old Qashqai rug along the side that faces the door. I then grabbed a very colorful saddlebag that you can see on the left. The saddlebag is Kurdish from Iraq and has a very old design called the Memling Gul. On the right are two very pretty vintage tribal rugs, folded in a way that clearly shows their colors. 

Now if Prince were in the shop, I would leave the front open so he could watch all, as you see here. 

But for most of the time, when he would not be in the shop, I also wanted to cover the front door of the crate. Well, well, what did I find? I had recently purchased some very pretty Senna kilims (Persian flat woven rugs) so I chose one for the front and it was a perfect fit. I just tucked the kilim under the other rugs on the top of the crate and their weight easily held it in place. Here is my end result which I was pretty happy with and so took photos and decided to share:)  

 From another angle. And yes, every rug you see here is for sale. 

Please share this blog post on any social media or anywhere if you have enjoyed this article. Penny, the undercoverruglover!   Paradise Oriental Rugs, Sebastopol, CA

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Looking for Information on Oriental Rugs? Tribal rugs? Persian Rugs?

What is the difference between an Oriental rug and a Persian rug?
What is the difference between a city rug and a tribal rug?
What is a workshop rug?

All answered here: How to Buy an Oriental Rug by Penny Krieger

What do tribal rugs look like?
Like this: Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc., GALLERY PAGES

What makes an Oriental rug valuable? May I offer an earlier blog post I did which some have found useful. Right here.

How can one tell if a rug is woven with vegetable dyes?
Great article by Steven Price on this exact subject. 

Define: Gabbeh Rug
Here is my article on Gabbeh rugs: What is a Gabbeh? 

What are some of the basic rug definitions?
I have tried to keep this small rug dictionary as simple as possible:
Understandable Oriental Rug Dictionary 

What are the basics in decorating with Oriental rugs?
This article, I wrote a number of years ago has been well received:
How to Decorate with Oriental Rugs

If I missed anything, here is my articles page with additional information on Oriental rugs.

The reason I am providing all these links is we recently did a site rebuild and moved to a new host and for a few days, I was lost in space (or at least my web site was). Great pun here as my name is Penny! So, all are here for easy reference.

Here is my new home page: Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. 

Here is my new testimonials page with many gorgeous tribal rugs depicted.

Here are the gallery pages of my site with many rugs available at my shop. 

And if you are a genuine dyed in the wool RUG ADDICT I do have an article for you.
For a bit of levity please have a look at: How to Deal with an Oriental Rug Addiction, by Penny Krieger

Hopefully you found some information you were seeking. We are always available for questions and believe it or not, my cell number in on the outgoing message at my shop when we are not open. Suffice it to say, I love my work and I really love rugs. No kidding:)

The UnderCoverRugLover

Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc;
137 North Main St.
CA 95472         707-823-3355

Hint:) We do ship all over the US and on "an approval" basis.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Yikes, This Rug is Heavy! Fantastic Very Large Persian Bijar at Paradise Oriental Rugs.

Well, it arrived and it's pretty heavy! If I had to open and close this by myself, I don't think I could do  it or it least it might be a bit of a struggle BUT the good news is, the rug is BEAUTIFUL.

I did have a similar, smaller piece a couple years ago which sold a while back. This piece just arrived at my gallery yesterday. The exact size is 11' 2" x 15' 4". This rug is filled with life. Nuanced colors mixed with deeply saturated jewel tones so although the rug has great depth of color, it is not too dark which it a plus for a rug of this size. Gorgeous drawing, clean, fine weaving and all things good. Pretty obvious I am from California, isn't it? :)

I just put together a quick video of the rug for anyone that would like to see it.
Video of large Persian Bijar

The rug is tightly woven, thick, slightly floppy (not stiff at all) and the vegetable dyed wool is of excellent quality, so there you are.

To see some some additional photos click here. There is a page 2 on gallery one which you can find but clicking on the little number 2 at the top and bottom of the page.

Please call for the price if you have some interest.
The number of our gallery, Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. is: 707-823-3355
Questions always welcome.