Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More Beautiful Tribal Rugs in Today, Still ON SALE through April 15th

All of these pieces just arrived today. Have a look. They are all are up on my site. We are still running 20% off all rugs through the 15th of April so if you see something you LOVE, come and see us. Cheers!

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

How to Tell if a Rug is Handmade? Is Your Rug a Genuine Oriental? Watch this Vidoe and Learn!

Here is the video. I hope this clarifies what to look for and has the knowledge you are seeking.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Oriental Rug SALE on now! 20-25% off all rugs. Beautiful Persian Oriental and Tribal Rugs!

Here are a few of our beautiful handmade rugs to give you an idea! Here is a link to our site and to our gallery pages! Please call with any questions! We ship all over the US. Sale end April 15th, 2017

Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.        707-823-3355
137 No. Main St.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Monday, January 30, 2017

Oriental Rugs in an 1908 Craftsman Home!

I had some fun today visiting a client's home with my camera. This house is over 100 years old with the original door knobs, refinished floors and some lovely woodwork in the interior. There are 9 rugs here purchased from my gallery in Sebastopol, Paradise Oriental Rugs.

Hopefully, you will find some inspiration for your decorating projects or just enjoy looking.

These first two photos are of the living room. The rug below is an 8 x 10 Heriz from Afghanistan. This is a new rug in an antique Persian design as many of the rugs included here are.

You can see one of a pair of stained glass windows above the fireplace (top left of the photo) and the detailed built-in cabinets on the right and left of the fireplace from this first photo.
 Here you can see a glimpse of the baby grand piano on the right.

This is an upstairs walk-through hallway. This rug is a finely woven Qashqai design from Afghanistan which fits perfectly in this space.

This bedroom features a beautiful handmade quilt with many shades of light green. To accent this, the client chose green Gabbeh rugs for each side of the bed. Original paintings grace the walls as well as beautifully hand crafted furniture. On the right is a landscape design Gabbeh.

 On the left another Gabbeh with small trees. 

 Here we have a 6 x 8 lovely Tree of Life rug from Afghanistan. The antique Mahogany poster bed works perfectly with this traditional and detailed antique rug design.

The kitchen in this home has been beautifully remodeled. Here is a peek.

Also, there are Turkoman rugs in the entryway and downstairs hallway seen from this landing.

And last but not least, here is the dining room. This table, sitting on top of a 9 x 12 Afghan Heriz rug, can be expanded for family visits. 

Hope you enjoyed.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tree of Life Oriental Rugs in Living Color

Just did a new video of some of the Tree of Life rugs at my gallery. All of the pieces in the video are currently available. Tree of Life Oriental Rug Video 

Here are a few I have recently sold:

Here is my site, if you would like to see more: Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

German Sherpherd Dog Report!

What does a rug dealer do when not selling rugs? Well, I cannot speak for anyone else but I enjoy cooking, swimming, visiting with friends, working in my garden, reading, watching a good movie and my beautiful dogs, first and foremost.

This is Prince.

He a rescue from the local pound and has graced my life for the last 4 plus years. He's a big boy and excellent companion dog and full of love. He lights up my life BUT he is a dog-loving dog and so I decided the time had come to find him a friend to join us in our home life. It was quite the search but here is the result.

This is our new family member taking a nap. His name is Draco which means dragon in Latin. After one month he now has free reign of my home, is not chewing on my personal rug collection, totally housebroken, has learned to walk on a leash and is an A plus student. Adorable personality and both Prince and I are smitten!

Sorry if you noticed the old Turkoman rug they are sitting on needs a vacuum, I am busy with the puppy, the shop, the website, my kitchen and life. Just wanted to share.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Too Much Fun Working!

Was chatting with a neighbor the other day in the front yard as our dogs were engaged in
rapturous greetings and she mentioned she was looking for a rug for a small room adjacent to her kitchen. As she only lives a couple doors down the street I offered to bring a few rugs home for her to look over.

With rugs, less is not more, more is the best. I brought a number of pieces for her to try and we had a great time, all the while getting tons of attention and love from her wonderful puppy Coco.

Coco was found on the beach in Mexico where they have their second home, abandoned and left to fend for herself . Never in my life have I met such a sweet, loving dog, other than my companion dog Prince who is also a rescue.

My neighbor is pretty darn nice too! Here is the rug she selected and her beautiful puppy Coco!

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Little Rug That Could!

The smaller the rug, the more places one can find to use and enjoy it. A small piece can be hung on the wall, used on the side or at the end of a bed, in a bathroom, and yes, people use Oriental rugs in their bathrooms and many other locations in one's home.

Recently, I purchased a number of Persian rugs for my gallery and some of them spoke to me right away. Of course, before they were shipped I studied the photos from my wholesalers within an inch of their lives! My middle name is fussy and sometimes when I have numerous rugs shipped to the gallery I might return one or two pieces if just not right.

It's always very exciting to get new rugs in and with this recent shipment there was one piece I could not resist and so I did acquire a very small runner for my collection but there were many jewels I passed up.

One such piece is "The Little Rug That Could". At first glance I thought to myself, those are pretty colors. This piece is interesting. The next day I continued to look and then discovered tiny little doggies sneaking into the landscape from varied and whimsical spots. The third day I was almost mesmerized by the color combinations that were so perfectly harmonious that I had to step back and admire the perfection of how each of the colors within the drawing was so perfectly placed to compliment the color next to it!

The fourth day I started wondering if I might just take this little rug home but held back as I had been featuring the rug in the front window of my gallery and it was getting some attention. Last night I received an email of interest on this piece. Today, I shipped it out of state "on approval" as we do.

This little rug, with all these beautiful greens, blues and a great drawing had such heart.  If you were to try to envision an amazing small rug, I guarantee you, you would never have thought of this but the weavers did! Here and there, in the course of doing business, there appears a rug that never stops improving. This is one such piece.  As it was shipped out on "an approval" basis, if it comes back, it's mine!

This type of design is called a Landscape Gabbeh. They are finely woven like the very best Gabbehs (similar to Kahskuli quality) with plant-based dyes and hand spun wool. I wish I had more photos with close-ups but these two photos are all I have.

The Little Rug That Could!
 The Little Rug That Could has found it home! Just got the call so this piece has been sold.

Here are a few more of what I call jewels. These pieces are available as of this moment.
For me, this piece with the aubergine background has the most delicate Tree of Live drawing I have ever seen, I found to be quite spiritual. I see midnight stars at the base of the tree.

Another LOVELY landscape Gabbeh, this one also has luscious light and dark greens with mountains, trees and sky!

This runner is in the classic Cypress and Willow design with the Tree of Life taking center stage in a deeply saturated gorgeous blue. Superlative runner!

If you have any interest in these types of rugs, please visit my site and have a look.
Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. 

We are 55 miles north of San Francisco but we do ship all over the US on "an approval" basis.

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