Saturday, April 12, 2014

Are Oriental Rugs Negotiable?

First of all, let take a look at the definition of the word negotiable. Straight from Google: "open to discussion or modification".  Actually almost anything is negotiable if one thinks about it.  Will all rug dealers negotiate?
The answer is no.  If there is a sign on the wall that say, "All rug prices are firm. We do not negotiate!" I think that statement is pretty clear.

Here are some factors that may influence a dealer's willingness to negotiate or hold firm to the indicated price on the tag.

Is this rug irreplaceable?
Is the rug store or gallery currently offering a special or sale?
How has their business been going recently?
How is the economy doing?  How is the real estate market doing?

How popular is that particular rug type or that specific rug?
On some rugs but not all, how long has a piece been in one's inventory?  This point is debatable as sometimes a rug is extraordinary but it's in the wrong size for all those that have shown interest in it.

Additional questions that could influence a dealer's willingness to work with the person in front them are these:

How many rugs has this client purchased?
How many rugs is the client purchasing today?
Is the client paying with a credit card or a check? Guess which one most dealers prefer? :)
Has this client referred others?

Does the client want to take the rugs on approval (which is fine and always expected) or for someone with more rug buying experience, are they ready and willing to make a straight out purchase?

Now that I've let the cat out of the bag I will get to the point.
For the next couple of weeks, all rugs at my gallery will be negotiable.  This is not a sale but a conceptual offer. Of course, some rugs are more negotiable than others!

If you are considering a purchase, it's your lucky day.  Come see me or give me a call. Today is the 12th of April so my offer is on now and will continue for the next couple of weeks. Contact info for my gallery is on the front page of my site.
Paradise Oriental Rugs

The UnderCoverRugLover 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Persian Rugs for Sale! Tribal Rugs and Gabbeh Rugs Still Available!

Yes, we are offering 15% off your first purchase I still have many beautiful Persian rugs for sale.  It will be 4 years since the inception of the Persian rug embargo.  Here are a few exquisite pieces from my shop that I consider the best of the best.  Have a look. We are in Sebastopol, CA, about an hour north of San Francisco but do ship all over the US. If you have any interest and would like some prices, give us a call: 707-823-3355  Penny Krieger, aka the undercoverruglover
Paradise Oriental Rugs web site. 

                                             4 x 10 gallery size Persian Lori runner

Persian Bijar, 10 x 14
Tree of Life design with Cypress and Willow

                                             5'1" x 6'4" Persian Khamseh

                                             5 x 8 Bijar, Garrus design

To view my complete collection I invite you to the gallery pages of my site featuring many Persian rugs.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Paradise Oriental Rugs Now Offering 15% off Your First Purchase!

My gallery, Paradise Oriental Rugs, is currently offering 15% off your first purchase. Located in the Bay Area we are exactly 55 miles north of San Francisco in small town of Sebastopol.
This 15% off is applicable to one or many pieces as long as purchased simultaneously.

Although the Persian rug embargo has been in effect for over 3 years, we still have a number of gorgeous Persian rugs in stock including one-of-a kind vegetable dyed Bijars and other respected tribal rugs such as Qashqai, Luri, Khamseh and genuine Gabbehs from Southern Iran. Additionally we carry handmade rugs from Afghanistan, ranging in design types from Turkoman to Heriz and a good selection of runners. To see all of our current inventory, have a look at our online Rug Gallery. Questions always welcome so give us a call and if you would like a price on something or have any questions. 707-823-3355

We have numerous videos on You Tube which give more detailed information on each piece featured.
For those of you that would like to learn a few basics about rugs, here is a link to our articles page featuring a number of articles about Oriental Rugs.

We sell all our rugs on "an approval" basis and that includes rugs we ship out of state. For more details, here is our FAQs page. and here is our testimonials page. 

Penny Krieger, owner
Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Let's have a glass of water....

A worthwhile goal.  We take so much for granted.
Water to drink, hygienic facilities.

My gallery is a small business but donated last year to help those less fortunate to
Hope to do more this year.

Also, support:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oriental Rug Videos!

Here are a few recent videos from my You Tube channel.  The first one was made yesterday and shows a few Bijars in detail as well as other Persian tribal rugs.

This video is of a gorgeous red 8 x 10 Persian Gabbeh that I recently added to my collection. Originally woven in 2000, this piece is in perfect condition and signed by the weaver.

And last but not least, another new addition to my inventory. This 8 x 10 is from Afghanistan and has beautiful jewels tones and a unique design.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy New Year!

My gallery will be closed from January 1st through January 10, 2014.
We will reopen Saturday, January 11, 2014.  
My best wishes to ALL for a positive, prosperous and enlightening new year!

Penny Krieger, owner

Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. 
137 No. Main St.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Friday, November 22, 2013

Great New Consignment Furniture Shop in Sebastopol!

I love antiques and old cherished items from days gone by so I was quite pleased when I recently discovered this little gem just a few blocks from my retail Oriental Rug Gallery.

It's a consignment furniture store and there are some finds to be had. If you are in the area, you may want to check it out. I only met one of the owners and she was very sweet but both of them appear to have a flair for decorating. I liked the way they have created the space, placing unique and unrelated pieces into a harmonious whole. The shop is called Attico.  There are numerous businesses that have opened recently in Sebastopol but this one is my favorite.  I should probably just keep it to myself but that is not my nature. The "hunt" is always great fun.  Here is their site. Enjoy!