Monday, May 2, 2011

Persian Bijar, Garros design.

This rug is new and was woven in Iran. Woven by Kurdish weavers near Bijar in the town of Garros. Old design, new rug. Woven with plant based dyes, hand spun wool with much care, the few Bijars that I have left really speak almost the same language as the antique rugs of this type.

This piece recently sold but I found out early this week that my wholesaler in New York has about 4 additional rugs of a very similar type, in the 5 x 7, 5 x 8 range, that are available. They are all similar in design, but each piece has slight differences, if you look carefully. All are navy ground and have accent colors close to the piece above. I immediately ordered one for my personal collection, but there are still 3 gorgeous pieces available. As there is now a Persian rug embargo in place as of September 29, 2010, there will not be more of these coming into the US in the foreseeable future. The only Persian rugs that are available to dealers, such as myself are pieces that are already in the country.
If you have some interest in a rug of this type, send me an email or call and I can forward photos to you of what is available. All contact info is on my site.