Friday, February 4, 2011

Another rug from Paradise! Navy Persian Bijar.

This Persian Bijar is 5'5" x 7'5". Timeless design woven with hand spun wool and vegetable dyes.
[This rug is sold as of a week ago...posted April 25, 2011]
[Bijar (Kurdish: بیجاڕ) is a city located in Kurdistan Province of Iran. Its estimated population as of 2006 is 46,156. With an elevation of 1883.4 meters, Bijar is called the Roof of Iran.
From my definitions page:
BIJAR: A town in NW Iran (including the surrounding villages) where the rugs of this name are produced. Bijar rugs are woven by Kurdish weavers with an incredible originality and variation in the designs created. Bijar rugs are renown for their durability and have been nicknamed, "The iron rugs of Iran". The most famous BIJAR design is the GARRUS design, which you can see above.

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