Friday, May 8, 2009

Amazing Camel in Downtown Sebastopol on Thursday in front of Paradise Oriental Rugs!

I arrived to work yesterday and there was a large trailer parked in front of my rug store. I didn't think twice about it until someone asked me, "Is that your camel?"

I was busy on the phone and getting set up to open when it was pointed out to me by one of my neighbors on Main Street, that there was a real, live camel, parked in a trailer, directly in front of my rug gallery.

I waited patiently until the caretakers of Kazzy returned as I had no idea if she was friendly or even how to approach her. She appeared to be completely relaxed with cars going by and one and all, magically pulling out their digital cameras, including me! When her owners returned, I was amazed to find out she was a therapy animal from Lyon Ranch in Sonoma County and was in between visits to convalescent hospitals while her owners were out to lunch.

When they returned, I was offered the opportunity to meet her along with everyone else! She was so sweet and affectionate, it was fantastic! I asked many questions and found out Kazzy is one smart camel. She is trained and works as a therapy animal bringing smiles to the faces of all she meets. She's particularly fond of men with beards, I was told by her owners, but friendly to all and truly enjoys her work as a therapy animal.