Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Babylon's Ark. Incredible book I finished today!

As you may have noticed, if you've ever been to my web site http://www.paradiseorientalrugs.com/ , I have listed on the front page and also on my links page, two environmental organizations, one of which is the called the Earth Organization.
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The founder of this organization, Lawrence Anthony is not only a fascinating individual, he is also an uncommonly brave and dynamic human being that we all could learn from on the subject of integrity. What is integrity but doing what you know is right, regardless of the outcome to yourself or your personal needs and comforts.

Being the first civilian that entered Iraq after the start of the war, his mission was simple. Rescue the animals in the Baghdad Zoo. With little resources and sheer guts he was overwhelmed when he arrived to discover only 35 starving, dehydrated animals left on the brink of death from a former population of 600. No water, filthy cages, broken pipes destroyed by bombs...the question was where to start. This is an amazing story of hope and inspiration that shows what ONE individual can do to make a difference.

Here's a hint. Not one animal died after his arrival. This book is a must read.

Here are the links.
Babylon's Ark: The Incredible ... - Google Book Search

Enjoy and if you want to help, get involved, make a donation, do whatever you can. It's our planet and none survive alone.
Our Founder

The name of the book is Babylon's Ark by Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence.