Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Beautiful Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs Currently Available at my Gallery.

Just a quick note to let you know I currently have a fantastic collection of rugs available for sale at my gallery. My runner selection has never been better. All sizes, with many different design choices and colors. Here are a few interesting pieces!

2'7' x 17'10" Afghan Tree-of-Life runner. Arrived yesterday.

These two runners are 10ft, or close.

This beautiful Persian runner is just under 13 ft. New runner in an antique design.

Here is a beautiful 6 x 9 Persian Gabbeh. This piece was woven with all undyed wool! It is genuinely stunning in person. 

Here is another Gabbeh in a much smaller size.

In addition to these pieces,  I have wonderful selection of large rugs including 10 x 14's, 9 x 12's, 8 x 10', 6 x 8's, 5 x 7's.

Here are a few of my favorites!
                                         9 x 12 Afghan Carpet, Bijar Design.

                                         9 x 12 Sultanabad, woven in Afghanistan.

7 x 10 Persian Bijar, Garrus design. 

8 x 10 Persian Bijar
10 x 13 Heriz rug. Afghanistan. 

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