Monday, September 20, 2010

Recent letter written to the International STEP non-profit orgainization.

Dear Sirs,

I am highly distressed by the pending Iranian Embargo moving forward this month on the importation of any products, which will include hand woven Persian Rugs.
I am a small business owner and depend heavily on these very special Persian rugs for my gallery. I also sell rugs woven in other areas of the world but the Persian rugs, literally have kept me in business these past few years as their quality and construction are above and beyond any other types I am offering.

My business, Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc., located in the San Francisco Bay Area at 137 North Main St., Sebastopol, CA, has been purchasing rugs from EMOC Oriental Rug, Inc., located in New York, for over 10 years. These rugs are woven in villages in Southern Iran and near the Bijar area by expert weavers in their homes and are paid a fair wage.

With the loss of this product, it is almost assured, my retail gallery will loose a tremendous advantage and a good deal of income.

I urge you to rethink this embargo as it will have a very negative effect of American rug dealers, such as myself, with retail galleries offering these beautiful Persian rugs to their clients and customers.

Penny Krieger, owner
Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc.

More info on the pending Iranian Rug Imbargo: