Saturday, July 20, 2019

Many New Rugs in Recently! Many Special Pieces!

This first piece is a very finely woven Turkoman rug. A little under 5 x 7. This type of Afghan rugs is the most finely woven rug that the Turkoman weavers make. The color in person is a beautiful deep red with great depth. There is also a delicate gold used sparingly and a deep green, only as an accent color. Very beautiful piece.

This close-up below gives a clear idea of the details in the design. 

This is another Turkoman rug of the same type but just a little less finely woven. Also, a very interesting and enchanting rug. 

This is another piece in the 5 x 7ish size. This design is called Mamluk. The design is ancient, from Egypt, the rug is a new Afghan rug. 

This piece is about 4 x 6 and captivating with beautiful colors in deep jewel tones. Afghan rug, Karaja design.

 Lovely small Persian tribal rug in the Tree of Life design with Cypress and Willows.

This is a spectacular smaller Bijar rug, approximately 3 x 5 and only can be described as woven perfection. 

Here is the whole rug. 

Last but not least is this lovely, very finely woven Persian silk rug. Isfahan, with silk pile and silk foundation. This is a vintage piece in perfect condition. 3 x 5.

There are other new additions but just thought I would share a few of the pieces I felt were noteworthy.

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