Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Few of my Favorite Photos From my Rug Gallery!

Over the years I have taken a number of photos at my gallery.

Here are a few I have decided to share.

This was taken when I first opened my current location in Sebastopol, CA in 2006. I hired a very talented belly dancer and she performed at my grand opening.

This photo with the camel was taken a few years later. Short story, one day I went to work and there was an incredibly friendly camel parked out in from of my gallery! Enjoyed! 

Client's daughter getting very comfortable with the rugs. It was close to Haloween and she was wearing her "Princess" outfit. 

This is a photo I took of a lovely young gal that worked for me, possibly it was 2007, for just a few months. As all can see, she is very pretty and looked wonderful with the backdrop of a Turkish rug. 

One of my favorite photos. Three young girls climbing around my rug store like monkeys, jumping here and there and having a good ole time! Dad kept telling them to "get down" but I said, all OK!

My lovely niece getting into the details of a rug! 
                                Again, my niece, enjoying a rug that she really liked!
                                   Same niece, same rug! It is now her rug, of course.

A wonderful photo sent to me by a client that features three pieces she purchased at my gallery. 

          An amazing silk rug, I sold a number of years ago. I still have never found another like it! 

My two lovely dogs Prince and Draco, when Draco was just a puppy. The rug they are sitting on is an older Turkoman piece in my collection.

This photo was taken at a client's home in Occidental, CA. One of the rugs he purchased for his fantastic home! 
The below rug was a vintage Kurdish piece, same client.

This photo was taken in Petaluma at a client's beautifully restored, craftsman home. The rug featured below is a Heriz, woven in Afghanistan. Of course, from my gallery! 
Another piece purchased for the upstairs gallery. New rug in an antique Qashqai design.
This rug in her dining room is also a Heriz design but with no central medallion. This type of design is called "an overall" design. 

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