Friday, June 22, 2018

Video of Persian Bijars and Southern Persian Tribal rugs in the Tree of Life Design.

New Persian Bijar woven with hand-spun wool and plant-based dyes in an early 19th Century design.
This Bijar has been sold. 9/9/18

In light of the upcoming reinstated Persian rug embargo (Aug. 5, 2018) I have been acquiring a number of newly woven Persian rugs for my gallery. Yesterday, I put together a 5-minute video featuring a number of the pieces I thought were noteworthy. This video features a few gorgeous Persian Bijars and a couple smaller dazzling tribal rugs in the Tree of Life design. 
As of today, all of these pieces are available. 

If you've been driving on the 101 Freeway here in Sonoma County recently, you may have seen my new digital billboard ad, just before you enter Santa Rosa. This is a first for me so we will see how it works out! Kind of exciting seeing my business name up in lights:)

Here is a link to my site for those that may be interested.

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