Saturday, June 25, 2016

Too Much Fun Working!

Was chatting with a neighbor the other day in the front yard as our dogs were engaged in
rapturous greetings and she mentioned she was looking for a rug for a small room adjacent to her kitchen. As she only lives a couple doors down the street I offered to bring a few rugs home for her to look over.

With rugs, less is not more, more is the best. I brought a number of pieces for her to try and we had a great time, all the while getting tons of attention and love from her wonderful puppy Coco.

Coco was found on the beach in Mexico where they have their second home, abandoned and left to fend for herself . Never in my life have I met such a sweet, loving dog, other than my companion dog Prince who is also a rescue.

My neighbor is pretty darn nice too! Here is the rug she selected and her beautiful puppy Coco!