Monday, January 11, 2016

Antique Rugs and Oriental Rug Restoration

I recently came across a beautiful, very old rug for sale and bought it promptly. It was not perfect but if you're almost 100 years old, how perfect are you? Perfectly imperfect with experience, heart, understanding and a certain beauty of just being who you are.

For a rug, a beautiful antique patina and an essence of all the life that has passed before it illuminated by the glorious colors of dyes made the old fashioned way in a beautiful drawing. As you may have guessed, I have a passion for hand woven rugs.

My new acquisition was a 11 x 14 Persian tribal rug, know in the trade as a Bakhtiari. The Bakhtiari weavers are very respected and have their own colorways which I find pleasing. They are most famous for the garden design but many of their antique rugs have earlier renditions that one would not necessarily recognize and other medallion designs such as the one I purchased.

I will share some before and after photos and also a couple of videos.

The problems:

Two small tears in the body of the rug and one edge that needed securing.

The below photo depicts the selvage (edge of the rug) which was detached.
                                            Separated selvege:
Here is a video of my trusted restorations expert...doing what she does:

Video of the restoration, repairing the slits.

This rug is now fully repaired and good to go!

Here is a video of the rug after these minor restorations.
11 x 14 Persian Bakhtiari with Beautiful Jewel Tones. 

Hope you enjoyed!
This wonderful 11 x 14 Bakhtiari rug is available. Price on request, questions welcome.
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Penny Krieger, owner
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