Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Persian Rugs for Sale! Tribal Rugs and Gabbeh Rugs Still Available!

Yes, we are offering 15% off your first purchase I still have many beautiful Persian rugs for sale.  It will be 4 years since the inception of the Persian rug embargo.  Here are a few exquisite pieces from my shop that I consider the best of the best.  Have a look. We are in Sebastopol, CA, about an hour north of San Francisco but do ship all over the US. If you have any interest and would like some prices, give us a call: 707-823-3355  Penny Krieger, aka the undercoverruglover
Paradise Oriental Rugs web site. 

                                             4 x 10 gallery size Persian Lori runner

Persian Bijar, 10 x 14
Tree of Life design with Cypress and Willow

                                             5'1" x 6'4" Persian Khamseh

                                             5 x 8 Bijar, Garrus design

To view my complete collection I invite you to the gallery pages of my site featuring many Persian rugs.