Saturday, September 15, 2012

10'3" x 13' 9" Persian Bijar. Gorgeous Tree of Life with Cypress and Willows!

This rug has arrived. 10 x 13 Persian Bijar (alternate spelling, Bidjar), take your pick. The rug is actually between a 10 x 13 and a 10 x 14.  Numerous photos are on my gallery pages.   I also did a short video on my You Tube Channel.  Here is some additional info:
Bijar, is a province in Iran.  This rug was woven in a small village within the Bijar Province.  Kurdish weavers, village workshop, 3 or 4 weavers working over a year, minimally to produce this piece. Map of Bijar, Iran.

This is a very special rug and I am thrilled to have it to offer for sale.  This is a new, collectible, investment quality piece in a traditional, antique Kurdish design.  There are actually two very well known designs within the field of this Persian carpet: The Tree of Life and the Cypress and Willow design both of which Kurdish weavers have used for centuries.  The body of this piece is heavy, the weaving very tight. Wool quality is exceptional and when the rug was completed, it was washed with soap and water.  No chemical finishes! The dyes are plant based, the wool is hand spun Persian wool. It will age magnificently but it truly looks like a very well preserved antique now.  One could easily use this in a home filled with antique rugs.  I honestly doubt there is an antique Bijar available on the current market this beautiful.  If there is, you should buy it!

Here are some photos from my gallery pages of weavers in the villages in the Bijar Province!  These are in gallery 8.  They have been up on my site for 4 or 5 years, since I first started carrying a few select Bijars from this world class production.

Feel free to call with any questions. Price available on request.