Friday, March 16, 2012

Finely woven Persian Isfahan, wool and silk.

Well, well, looks like the rug Gods smiled on me this week.  Recently acquired a number of beautiful, very finely woven rugs which I have just put up on my web site. Persian Isfahans, one lovely Nain and a couple more formal  Bijars.  They are a bit different from the tribal rugs I normally offer but rugs of merit in their own right.    My gallery pages!

To give you an idea, the above Isfahan has over 500 kpsi (knots per square inch) with the wool knots tied onto a silk foundation.  Additionally there are silk accents throughout this piece.  The design detail is fascinating. If you look the rug over carefully you will see the basic design is that of a prayer rug, with the pillars skilfully blended into the minor borders enclosing the vase design.  This Persian Isfahan was signed by the weaver and is my favorite of these recent additions.  I will be doing a video of all the new rugs in today, so look for it on my My You Tube Channel. in the immediate future.