Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Discovery of a Live Art Form!

I pretty much live for art. All forms that make life worth living are important and valuable. Superlative moments of wonderful communication with a fellow human being are, in themselves a moment of art…timeless and perfect.

Imagine that someone has actually created an art form that engages others, draws them out (as in extroverts them), invites their participation and even gifts them with their own, unique 15 minutes of fame! Creativity abounds in my admired associate’s body of work. Numerous individuals were invited to participate; some children, others adults and Mother Nature was not forgotten either! Amazing and fascinating.

I don’t want to give too much away but the basis or tool used here is photography but there is so much more than just point and shoot. Each scene is artistically created and the cast of characters, fun and fascinating! Satire, aesthetics, comedy and originality all rolled into one. Humorous, witty, fun and adorable are also musts on the descriptive. You will only understand when you see the images. Your imagination is invited…this is a traveling, living as in, “endowed life” art form unlike any you have seen.

I currently have 4 of these fantastic limited edition prints in my Oriental Rug Store and after our photo shoot this week; will be featuring the girls in Paradise!

Am I excited? Absolutely.
Take a peek and let your imagination run wild. The girls are going shopping!