Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where to see antique rug in San Francisco!

San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show is ON now!

This incredible show starts tomomrrow with the "Preview Gala" on as I write!
If you have never been and you love rugs, this show is a must see.

Why? To see is to learn...the more rugs you see the better your understanding will be of new rugs, old rugs and Oriental rugs of merrit.

Old rugs have a certain mood and attention to detail that one often does not see in newer pieces. Many times they are more finely woven and you can really percieve the weaver's true intentions in the finished product...The museums are filled with such pieces and dealers from all over the globe will be there with their finds.

The SF Tribal Arts Show is on this weekend at Fort Mason Center and for those of you that live in Marin or Sonoma County, this is just across the bridge. It's only $15.00 to get in and having attended once, my opinion is that this is a very fair price!

Here is the link for anyone interested.

In addition to tribal rugs there will be other tribal art forms from all over the world. Arrive early and enjoy!

Here are few photos to get you in the mood.
The above rugs are all new rugs woven with vegetable dyes and hand-spun wool in antique designs from my gallery...timeless and beautiful.

Hope you find this information useful!